Mourinho asks to grab a trophy conference for his girlfriend

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Celebrities coach Jose Mourinho has lauded Roma fans for their “extraordinary efforts” to fight for the Europa Conference League trophy.

         Wolves play their last ufabet game in the Italian Serie A nest with a 1-1 draw with Venezia, but they are still in contention for the final game in the race for European competition next season. There is still a chance to win the smallest cup in Europe at the end of this month.

         Fans of the team put up banners. “Wear the crown of our glorious dream and write your name in history” after the final whistle, both the players and Mourinho thanked the supporters and tossed the shirts to the fans.

         “We are the ones who try to thank the fans. it’s family again There is always a way we can thank them and that is to give our all on the pitch and we did it today,” said Mourinho.

         “In the end, if we can win trophies, I would say it was worth it for us. But it deserves more for the fans.”

         “If it happens that Milan or Inter get the Scudetto. I think in terms of people’s passion This means more than that. Family is always by your side when you win. When you don’t win it’s different.”

         “I don’t know if it’s always been like this or not. But I can say that Roma have special fans, truly special.”

         For the final game of the season, Roma travel to Torino on Sunday 22 May.