Ford C-Max Energi Outsells Prius Plug-in in August

As followers of C-MaxChat know, we’ve compared the Prius V with  C-Max Hybrid and the Prius Plug-in with C-Max Energi.  One blog compares the monthly sales of the four vehicles.  There’s a new first.  The C-Max Energi outsold the Prius Plug-in for the first time ever.  The Energi was first sold in October 2013.  It outsold the Prius Plug-in 1050 to just 818 in August.  August sales for the Energi were up 69% from the same month last year and are up 64% year-to-date over the same eight months last year.  The percent of C-Max vehicles sold that are the Energi model is also increasing, 29% versus just 14% for same eight months last year.

And here’s another statistic: Ford has sold more plug-in vehicles this year in North America than any other manufacturer except Nissan.  Ford has sold more than GM and Tesla.  It has also sold more than all other manufacturers combined.  Mitsubishi has the hot selling Outlander PHEV, but it isn’t yet sold in North America.

National Drive Electric Week: September 15-21, 2014

National Drive Electric Week is next month.  Its purpose is to increase awareness of plug-in vehicles, including the Ford C-Max Energi.  If you own a C-Max Energi or are considering buying a plug-in vehicle, go to their website and look for events in your area.  I’m planning on attending the festivities in Huntington Beach California, one of the largest events in the country.  As of today, there are 91 owners of plug-in vehicles that have registered to attend the event in Huntington Beach.  Of the 91, just four owners of the Ford C-Max Energi (myself included) have registered.  I recommend going to the website to see if there is an event near you.  If there isn’t, it’s possible to sponsor one.

Estimating the Annual Cost of Commuting with a Ford C-Max Energi

EVExplorer by UC Davis

EVExplorer by UC Davis

Have you considered buying a Ford C-Max Energi to save on fuel costs?  There is a useful tool, the EVExplorer created by the University of California Davis to estimate the fuel cost of commuting.  The web application uses the U.S. government’s website.  You can compare four vehicles.  After giving the application your home address, work address, cost of electricity, cost of gasoline, how many days you commute and charging option at work, it estimates the annual cost of commuting.  Commuting isn’t all we do, but EVExplorer is useful to decide whether fuel cost savings should play a significant role in your purchasing decision for a plug-in hybrid, all-electric, or traditional gasoline-fueled vehicle. thanks follower Dianne Carlson for the tip on EVExplorer.