Does the Ford C-Max Have a Spare Tire?

C-Max Energi Driver-Side Tire, Disc Brake and Radar Sensor

Ford C-Max Energi Driver-Side Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire, Disc Brake and Radar Sensor

Answer: No.  The Ford C-Max joins many cars that are being sold without spare tires (“Automakers leave nothing to spare” in the LA Times).  It has what Ford calls a “Temporary Mobility Kit”.  This kit includes a compressor and canister with latex sealant.  The kit is stored under the front passenger seat.  Ford recommends a maximum speed of 50 mph and driving no more than 120 miles when a tire is repaired with the kit.  Ford also warns users that the kit cannot repair punctures on the sidewall and is limited to 1/4 inch or smaller holes.  The tire sealant has an expiration date and must be replaced after storing the canister four years.  After using the sealant, the tire pressure monitor sensor and the valve stem must be replaced for the tire.  The sealant canister is for one-time use on one tire only.  The kit description and use is explained in the C-Max manual on pages 335-343.

Update: 9 September 2016

Most of the time, I carry a tire repair/patch kit with me rather than a full-size spare.  However, I did purchase a C-MAX rim and full size tire for those trips when I travel far from available roadside assistance.

Andy Konyha, a C-MaxChat reader, purchased a C-MAX compatible wheel, tire jack from a pre 2006 Ford Taurus, two tire covers, a fold up lug wrench and a tire tote.  The tire covers wrap around the tire/jack/wrench.  The covered tire was then placed within a tire tote.  I’ve included photos of his spare tire below.

I’ve stored my spare in the luggage area behind the rear seat (as shown in the photo below) and at other times strapped to the child seat hooks on the rear seat, with the seat lowered (see photo below for the location).

C-MAX Rim, Tire, Jack & Wrench

C-MAX rim and tire with a Taurus jack and collapsible lug wrench wrapped in a towel. Photo by Andy Konyha.

Wheel with tire covers on each side

Two vinyl tire covers placed on each side of the tire.  Photo by Andy Konyha.

Tire Tote

BMW Tire Tote.  Photo by Andy Konyha.

Child seat anchors on rear seat.

A tire could be strapped to the child seat anchors on the back of the rear seat.

Tire stored behind rear seat.

C-MAX tire stored behind the rear seat. Wrench stored beneath the tire.  Jack also stored behind seats.  A tire repair kit is on top of the tire.  Most often, I only have the tire patch kit in the C-MAX.

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