U.S. Ford C-Max Sales vs. Toyota Prius V & Plug-in Sales

This blog compares Ford C-Max sales with it’s closest competition, Toyota Prius V and Plug-in.  Ford compares the C-Max Hybrid and Energi most often with the Toyota Prius V and Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

The Toyota vehicles are the most similar drivetrain, technology, and passenger/cargo-type vehicles available to compare with the C-Max Hybrid and Energi. The data was obtained from Autoblog.  The Ford C-Max Hybrid started shipping in late September and the C-Max Energi first shipped in late October 2012.









24 thoughts on “U.S. Ford C-Max Sales vs. Toyota Prius V & Plug-in Sales

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    • I agree. We’re also not sure whether the full 2000 vehicles for GE have been delivered yet, so you cannot really subtract them from the count I suppose. Part of the reason for low Energi sales was low inventory but I’m also surprised how many pick the Hybrid over the Energi. If you have a garage with a place to plug-in, can get by with less cargo space of the Energi, why wouldn’t you choose the Energi over the Hybrid? The tax advantages, parking and HOV lane advantages, etc. I don’t see why the Energi isn’t selling much better. In California the Energi can be less expensive plus you get all those perks.

      • why aren’t they selling better? could it be no advertising? i’m east coast. and no ford ads, including the ford family of cars ad in the movie theatre last month even showed a cmax. i love my engeri. the prius plug-in is not sold here in nc, ford should be taking advantage of these 6 months and really develop a loyalty.

      • I agree with you. I had my Energi two weeks ago and my dealer told me how he regrets to not have ordered more. I was going to buy a Prius V, but after I drove the C-Max, I was sold. It ‘s really not the same driving. The C-Max is a lot more fun to drive.

  2. There are two reasons that I really didn’t consider the Energi. First the lack of cargo room, and secondly the price. I bought my C-Max Hybrid SE (with package 603A and cold weather package) for about $25,300 plus tax. In my first 6 months of ownership I used almost exactly 100 gallons of gas or about $350 total. If I only spent half as much for gas and electricity for the Energi, it would still take me almost a decade to safe money on gas with the Energi. Now many people drive twice as much as me, so their payback period would be half as long. Plus, because Ford just put a #3,000 rebate on the hood of the Energi, the Energi and the Hybrid SEL are similarly priced.

  3. I have been silently reading and learning all I can about the C-Max energi, from this site and others, and I finally bought one nearly two weeks ago. I am very happy with the purchase !

  4. My prius get about 54 mpg will the cmax energi get that do you think .I like the ride in the energy better
    Im close to buying one but afraid of the low mpg on the sticker . I don’t want to go to 30 mpg
    Any thoughts

    • It isn’t clear which of the four Prius models you have (V, Liftback, C or Plug-in). There is a blog at http://cmaxchat.com/?p=1675 with this chart from Wayne Gerdes http://cmaxchat.com/?attachment_id=2110. No matter what Prius model you own, if you’re driving with gasoline, you should be getting better mileage than driving an Energi with gasoline. If you’re using electricity for fuel, it’s an entirely different story. Assuming your driving at 54 mpg was steady-state and you have a Liftback, the C-Max Hybrid should be at roughly 45 mpg (see chart) and the Energi is probably a little worse, but wasn’t tested. Most of our mileage has been with gasoline (once our lease ends on the Leaf, that will change). However, our lifetime MPGe with more than 20,000 miles on the Energi is currently 46.3. If you have access to free EV charging, especially if on a regular basis – like your workplace, then the cost of fuel for driving the Energi would be far less than any Prius except perhaps the Plug-in, where it would depend on your commute distance, etc. If most of your driving will be on electricity, then the Energi would most likely be less expensive for fuel. There are a lot of factors to consider to determine your fuel costs, such as the cost of electricity at your home – assuming you charge there. There are other factors to determine if buying an Energi is right for you. Right now, Energi’s are being discounted dramatically. I also like the interior of the Energi much better. All the best in your buying decision.

  5. I have had my C-Max hybrid (non-plug-in),for 18 months. City driving only as i have a luxury car for the road, is 42 if my housekeeper drives, 38-39 if I drive and 36 for my wife. That is the reality of a C-max hybrid that is FAST and FUN. We had a Prius, it droves like a brick compared to this car. The C-max is fun, rides great and is quick to zip around town. This is a terrific city car where we drive 10 miles max from place to place. when I do that in my Jaguar, it gets 10 or 12 even though city is rated 18-20. Short hauls is where you burn fuel.
    I am sorry I didn’t get the plug-in. it’s a drop more and I likely wouldn’t even use gas in the city.
    Bottom line: These are purpose cars. You have to know your purpose. if you drive 50 percent highway, you will likely be 38 with C-max, 45 with Prius. If you drive only city, you have a choice of 40 fast and fun (with the regular C-max) 48-50 with the regular Prius and slow,brick like driving with no fun, or get the C-max plug in and never use GAS. Your call.

  6. Hello Craig…I posted a few times last year, when I ended up leasing a 2013 Leaf. I have close to 11k on that car now, and it has been a great decision.

    Now, we are looking to replace my wife’s 2012 Subaru Impreza with something more comfortable and efficient. We aren’t in a big hurry to do so, and want to time the CMAX Energi purchase. Here in central CA, we can currently get incentives of 2000_SJV, 1500 CA, and 4007 Fed. Then, with the 2k Ford cash on the Energi vs $500 for Hybrid, it looks like the Energi is discounted $9007 vs the Hybrid, and is better equipped. So we are convinced that the Energi is the way to go.

    Do you suspect it will be better to wait til the end of ’15, regarding pricing of ’15 models and possible ’16 upgrades? Which CMAX energi forum has the most activity, seems like interest and postings are falling off?

    • The SJV and CA rebates are substantial. It is important to make sure you won’t lose out on those. I think you’re OK to get them whether you buy/lease now or delay until late 2015, but make sure. As far as the Ford incentive, because I haven’t been trying to check inventory levels for a long time, I don’t have a good feeling whether the 2K incentive is likely to increase or decrease. The next model year should have the new MyFordTouch and that could provide a time that the vehicles with the older software will be sold at a discount – but then you may want a vehicle with the newer software in it. With regard to a forum, there is only http://fordcmaxenergiforum.com and the sister forum for the hybrid. I’m not aware of any other forum of significance.

  7. Thank you! Just had a dealer offer me the 2015 CMax Energi Platinum White Tri Coat, with the standard 300A (basically, the base model) for $28,250. That includes the $2k cash, roughly $2k off MSRP, and oddly enough, Ford is willing to give $750 lease conquest because of our Nissan Leaf (no change required there, lease continues). So, we are getting ~$4750 off MSRP, and $7500 rebates, to bring the car down to $20,750 + T&L. Oh, forgot, we will take advantage of 0% for 5 years too.

    It sounds good to us, will hopefully be picking it up on Friday.

    • I’m glad you got the Nissan Leaf “conquest”. We also did this for an extra discount. I forgot to see if it was still offered. It looks like you’re getting a great value with all the incentives.

  8. We picked up the car today, with a good experience at the dealer. We are happy to have another Ford in the stable. Very nice ride. We have a lot to learn about this high tech machine. 45mpg on the way home, 50 miles of mostly 65mph freeway and some country roads. We weren’t sure if it was fully charged when we left the dealer. The engine kicked on at starts a few miles into the trip. Still toggling through all the various info items that are available. Thanks for this site, and all the resources that you have made available.

    • 45 mpg and the engine turning on early is a good sign it wasn’t charged. However, in EV Auto (default), when you accelerate quickly, the engine will often start. I’m glad the site is helpful to you.

  9. A year and a half into owning a C-Max Energi, my wife and I are surprised we don’t see more of these vehicles in 2+ vehicle households. Everyone who rides in the car as a passenger gives positive comments, but most are worried about where to put 250 pounds of kids’ gear everywhere they go. Best car ever for all-EV trips to the grocery store, hardware store, and out to local restaurants. Add to that best car ever for comfortable road tripping. IMHO, if you don’t have a need to carry hundreds of pounds of gear inside the car, this car will work for you. And my dream car is a Lamborghini Gallardo. A sports car the C-Max is not, but it is indeed sporty and fun to drive.

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  12. what is the cost to replace the battery on a Cmax hybrid SE. I am looking at one but it currently has 98K. Car looks great inside and out ,drives well but ??????
    is it wise to invest $7k ?????

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