November C-Max Sales Up 52% from October, Prius Sales Down 1.6%

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid were up in November 2012 by 52% from October

The C-Max family of vehicles is now the second best selling electrified vehicle in the U.S.  According to Toyota, 16,505 Prius family vehicles were sold in November. shows 16,774 Prius Family vehicles were sold in October.  This is a monthly decrease of 1.6 percent but an 8.5 percent increase from November 2011.  Ford said today 4,848 C-Max vehicles were sold in November. states that 3,182 C-Max cars were sold in October.  This is a 52 percent increase over October sales.  Sales of the Ford C-Max is off to an impressive start.  November is the first month that both the Hybrid and Energi models shipped.


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