iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile Apps for C-Max

Apps for C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi

MyFord Touch Guide (MFT Guide) app.  [FREE, iPad, iPhone and Android] MFT Guide emulates the user experience for MyFord Touch with SYNC.  This app is an informative way to learn the basics and benefits of MyFord Touch.  In normal mode, it simulates Climate, Phone, Entertainment and Navigation Screens.  You can switch to the help mode by clicking the question mark next to the clock.  Clicking on any highlighted button will display an avatar and explain the functionality.

Google Maps [FREE, Android and Apple iOS 5 or earlier] Maps is an excellent navigation app.  For C-Max Energi owners, it’s a good way to find charging stations too.  Type in “ev charging location near blank”, where blank is a location, such as a zip code.  Google Maps uses the U.S. Department of Energy database of EV charger locations.  Try the same query in Apple’s new iOS 6 map app for iPhone and it comes up empty.

SendToCar [FREE, Android] After finding a destination in Google Maps, SendToCar lets you send the address to the Navigation system of the C-Max. [Hat Tip: Charlie Savage]

Ford SYNC Destinations [FREE, iPhone, iPad and Android] SYNC subscribers can get on-the-go access to their cloud-based SYNC services account with this app.  Drivers can add, save and manage destinations like home, work, school and airport.  The Destinations app works with SYNC AppLink to download directions into the vehicle using voice commands.  Drivers can also access traffic and incident reports by voice command. [Hat Tip: Charlie Savage]

GasBuddy [FREE, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile] by GasBuddy.  When you need to buy gasoline, this app gives you the best prices in your area.

AccuFuel [99 Cents, iPhone].  AccuFuel by Appigo makes monitoring your C-Max vehicle’s mpg easy. [Hat Tip: Mike B]

Apps for C-Max Energi

MyFord Mobile [FREE, iPad, iPhone and Android]  Manage charging, plan trips, and control many features (e.g., climate control) of the C-Max Energi.  The app uses MapQuest to find charger locations (the MapQuest database isn’t very comprehensive.)  This app requires registration at the MyFordMobile.com web site.  It’s possible to sign up in guest mode at the MyFordMobile.com web site rather than register your Ford vehicle.  A previous blog listed MyFord Mobile training videos.

PlugShare [FREE, iPad, iPhone and Android]  One of the best sites to find charging locations is PlugShare.com.  It is more comprehensive than other sites, listing public stations as well as private residences that could allow you to charge your C-Max Energi.

Recargo [FREE, iPhone and Android] A good app to find charging locations.  Charging locations can be located at the Recargo web site too.  I found locations where it is possible to charge not listed in other databases.  [Hat Tip: Kevin]

ChargePoint [FREE, iPhone, iPad, and Android] by ChargePoint.  According to their website, they have 9,993 charging locations.  This App can locate chargers, check pricing and reserve locations.  Walgreens has installed many free chargers throughout the country.  They are often listed in this app. According to ChargePoint and some internet postings, some free ChargePoint chargers require the ChargePoint card to use the charger, but there isn’t a fee associated with charging your C-Max Energi.

CarStation [FREE, iPhone, iPad, and Android] by CarStation.  Like PlugShare, this is a user support database of charging locations.  It is quite comprehensive and useful.

WattStation [FREE, iPhone, iPad, and Android] by GE.  WattStation Connect for EV Drivers for iPhone and GE WattStation on Android aids finding locations and paying for charging your C-Max Energi.  It may be useful in an area with many WattStation chargers.

Chargelocator [FREE to $4.99 for Premium, iPhone and Android]  The chargelocator database is also available online.  It doesn’t appear to be very comprehensive.  It may depend on where you live.

Do you know of other apps?  If you do, please post a comment to add to this resource.

This blog was updated on December 9th and 13th, 2012 and January 11th, 2013.


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