Ford Lowers C-Max MPG Rating Again

According to CNBC, Ford will lower the fuel economy ratings on about 200,000 2013 and 2014 hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.  It includes the C-Max Hybrid and Energi.  Ford will make goodwill payments of $300 (leased) and $475 (purchased) for Hybrid owners and $475 (leased) and $775 (purchase) for Energi owners.  The Hybrid ratings drop from City/Highway/Combined of 45/40/43 to 42/37/40 MPG.  The Energi ratings drop from 43/100 (charge sustaining/charge depleting) to 38/88 MPGe.  Ford released a video with an explanation on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Ford Lowers C-Max MPG Rating Again

  1. I would still buy my 2013 CMax Energi again. I regularly get mid 40s in strictly hybrid mileage and on my battery my mileage is literally unlimited. Most driving days are less than 25 miles so my miles per GALLON are always 999mpg+ of course using battery.

    • If you don’t pay for electricity, you are getting quite the bargain with the Energi. We also normally get in the 40s running it as a hybrid. The Energi is a nice car. Too bad more people are not aware of its benefits.

  2. We changed our electrical billing to dayparting. Cheap power is about 5 cents per kilowatt hour. Midprice is about 8 cents and expensive power is about 13 cents. Since my CMax (and my girlfriend bought an Energi Fusion which is essentially the same car) takes about 7 kilowatt hours to charge…multiplied out it is about 30 cents for the cheap electricity and 91 cents for expensive electricity for an initial 25+ miles.

    We recently had a big roadtrip weekend which had us on hybrid the vast majority of the time. As a result our mileage dropped from the normal driving on battery alone but 48mpg is pretty good…not as good as 92 or 73mpg but…I will take 48 on a long drive. is a great site to keep stats on your gas usage regardless the type of engine you have. Here is my Fuelly page.

  3. Nice to see they are doing a goodwill payment to make up the difference. I also get around 42-44 mpg on my energy. I like the car, but have had way to many close calls with it and in all cases, it was like the other drivers never saw me. One ran a red light and came right into my lane while turning, which caused me to have to drive up on the curve to avoid a collision and 2 flat tires, not having a spare suddenly you are enlightened that if you are driving a long distance you could be stuck on the side of a highway without a spare. Tree branch fell off during a rain storm while I was driving in put a v in my roof and shattered the windshield, and the other day, driver pulling into driveway changed their mind and decided to go straight after initially making the turn and almost t-boned me. And half the time my dealers personnel don’t know what I’m talking about when it wouldn’t charge, “what do you mean you plug it in and it won’t charge”. Loved that one. I’ve been looking at the fusion and the Camry. As soon as the “goodwill payment” arrives may spread my good will to another dealer.

  4. I have a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid. Personally, I was insulted by the amount of the goodwill payment. I bought the car because I wanted to get the very best MPG possible and do the right thing around helping to stop climate change. The most insulting part is that I was asked by the dealership to bring in my car for some “reprogramming” to help it get the best mileage. They reprogrammed the dashboard display so that it ALWAYS shows 39.1 mpg, no matter where or how I drive. I think it’s pure deception.

    The car is cheaply built, the carpet is coming up in the hatch area already and the mechanics at the dealership don’t know what they’re doing. When I went in for service due to a recent recall, I asked when my next oil change and service will take place. The service manager went to the website, studied it, and then concluded he couldn’t tell me. He advised me to go look it up online myself! I will never buy a Ford again. I will be looking at the Prius, Honda and Leaf.

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