The Ford C-Max Energi is in a New Viral Video


Enjoying our 2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Last December I noted the Ford C-Max and Fusion Energi were in a YouTube video that was created by a videographer, Devin Graham, who has created many viral videos.  The video, the Bike Parkour – Streets of San Francisco, has more than 4 million views today.  A couple days ago, a new video was posted on YouTube, Upside: Anything is Possible.  The video features Pashon Murray, co-founder of Detroit Dirt, which recycles waste food, zoo manure and other organic material into compost used to create community gardens in Detroit.  The video was the idea of Ford’s PR agency, Team Detroit, but published on a new YouTube channel called Upside.  The new short’s script and videography parallels the Cadillac ELR commercial: “Poolside” (the ELR is the rebadged Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid) with more than one million views on YouTube published February 7th, 2014.  The Ford C-Max Energi video is stirring opinions at Green Car Reports, the Detroit Free Press, various other websites, and at Twitter with the hash tag #Upside.  The C-Max Energi short has almost 400,000 views on YouTube – that’s about a hundred thousand more than when I started writing this blog a few hours ago.  I like the “Anything is Possible” video and it’s definitely giving the Ford C-Max Energi some needed attention.  Whenever I’ve talked to anyone about our C-Max Energi, they didn’t realize Ford made a plug-in vehicle (actually, three plug-in vehicles) or that Ford sold more plug-in vehicles last month in the U.S. than anyone else.

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5 thoughts on “The Ford C-Max Energi is in a New Viral Video

  1. Ford just put out an $8K rebate for leftover 2013 C-Max Energi’s if you lease it as a Ford RCL. The Gov’t still gives upwards of a $7500 tax credit. So,with the right deal, you could end up with a C-Max Energi for around $16K. I’d lease it and drive it to term or lease it, get the rebate and then refinance it as a purchase. I’m no expert, just food for thought!

    • As John noted, the tax credit on the Energi is $4007 rather than $7500. Are you sure that the $6000 (PGM #50226) + $2000 (PGM #12496) on a 36 month/31,500 lease doesn’t include the $4007 tax credit, which would go to Ford and not you?

  2. Oh and I read about a $6K rebate on the Focus Electric. I believe that is for a purchase, not a lease. According to, that also comes with the $7500 tax credit.

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