Ford C-Max Energi Concept with Solar Panel

Ford has announced a C-Max Energi concept car that gets a substantial amount of its electricity from solar.  There was a lengthly and interesting article on it published in  There is also a Ford press release on the solar concept C-Max Energi.  It seems to make more sense to put solar panels on your roof, but maybe this would work for someone.

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2 thoughts on “Ford C-Max Energi Concept with Solar Panel

  1. As a new owner of a 2016 C-Max, I’m curious about looking into the ability to charge the batteries using a single garage-roof mounted solar panel with an inverter to convert the solar energy directly to AC. Is this feasible? If so, what are my options?

    • If the roof faces south, this makes sense. However, why would you want to just use one panel? Also, you’ll want to use solar panels to provide service to your house and then the current for the car comes from the house panel.

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