Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Sales Down 20.5% from October 2012

C-Max Energi Alpine Loop

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Ford Motor Company said today that 2,530 C-Max Hybrid and Energi vehicles were sold in October, down 20.5% from October 2012.  There was a month-over-month gain of 16% from just 2,182 in September.  September was the lowest full month of sales since introduction of the C-Max in 2012.

In a conference call C-Max question with media and investors, Erich Merkle, U.S. Sales Analyst, said the plug-ins report to be issued on Monday will show strong plug-ins sales.  In response to a C-Max question on how the EPA mileage revision affected C-Max Hybrid sales, Erich Merkle said he didn’t think it affected sales for the Hybrid.  Ford was also asked about the affect of the ConsumerReports survey on C-Max sales.  Ford responded that reliability and customer satisfaction are important to Ford.


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2 thoughts on “Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Sales Down 20.5% from October 2012

  1. The service department at Arlington Heights Ford called me this morning. They said that my see Max energy could be picked up this afternoon. They said that they installed two software packages. One to resolve the flashing blue light problem in the car not charging. The other software package was to update the gasoline engine.

  2. My windshield cracked by stress at 17,000 miles . I have the premium extra coverage that I payed over $2,000.00 for. It is suppose to take care of anything that is not under the powertrain . when I called ford I was told that the windshield is not a safety issue. I will have to pay the $600.00 out of my own pocket. I also was told there is no way of finding out if others have had same problem with there 2014 CMAX. Signed one P.O ford owner.

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