Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Inventory

Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi

Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi

I’m starting a new blog with the data I’ve been collecting on C-Max Inventory.  I don’t know of a source for inventory, so I’ve collected data from and  Since January, I’ve followed C-Max Energi dealer inventory and to a lesser extent, C-Max Hybrid inventory.

The inventory according to within 50 miles of the first 19 cities that Ford shipped the C-Max Energi to last year is depicted in the following chart.  There is overlap between the 50-mile radius of these cities, but there are many markets with C-Max Energi inventory, like Utah and Nevada that are not included.  (The original 19 markets for EV Certified dealers are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tucson, and Washinton D.C.)


Another method to follow inventory is to get data on just one area and assume that the country follows it.  I chose 90210 (Beverly Hills CA) after seeing this zipcode being followed by a different auto blog.  I’ve followed the inventory for this zipcode with and

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2 thoughts on “Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Inventory

  1. I have seen little advertisements on any form of media by Ford Motor Company recently. There has been MUCH advertising for the Volt and Leaf during recent days. If no one knows about this vehicle, few will be sold. It is a wonderful vehicle. My wife has driven it for 861 miles, and has purchased NO GAS!

    • I’ve driven ours all over the west during the six weeks we’ve owned an Energi. About 4,500 miles on it now. Very little charging (just haven’t been home) but we still get 46-49 mpg running it as a hybrid. The issues I’ve noticed have been very minor. I also really enjoy it. If one makes short city trips, no gas over a very long period of time is quite likely.

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