Why Buying a C-Max Energi Now Makes Sense

Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi

Hey, I wish I would have waited a month to buy the C-Max Energi.  Ford is now offering $3000 in bonus customer cash, 0% for 60 months and a $1000 competitive lease conquest in some areas for the C-Max Energi.  (Go to the linked web page, choose C-Max Energi, click on Finance Programs.  I suggest you also verify with a dealer what incentives are available in your area.)  The IRS is also now stating that the tax credit is 4007 rather than $3751.  Many states offer tax credits or rebates, in some states like California, Colorado, and Georgia they can be substantial.  In California you’ll get a $1500 payment.  In addition, take into consideration that inventory is high and dealers will discount substantially.  To me, it appears to be a very good time to buy if you can take the Federal tax credit.

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4 thoughts on “Why Buying a C-Max Energi Now Makes Sense

  1. based on your update and thinking, I made a trip to a Ford dealer on Friday, they had an Energy SEL without options,except for the pearl white tri-metallic. It was just the vehicle I was looking for.

    Their sales price on the car was over $38k…there was a $4000 dealer markup on top of MSRP… The “fun” began when I offered $28.5k plus T&L. It eventually ended up with their offer at $29.6, and me walking away.

    The interesting and confusing part was their “lease” option, which they claimed would get me to $28.5k no problem as Ford was generously throwing in another $3k for leasing. What they didn’t explain was that they were using my $5507 tax credits to get me there. Very sneaky.

    Looks like I will be eyeing a 2014, but next year sometime. I did get a test drive and very much liked the car and driving experience. Seemed very solid, well built, but perhaps computerized too far beyond a simple driving machine.

    • $29687 is the invoice minus $3000 rebates price (for the Energi with 300A and White Platinum) in most areas without an additional $1000 for a competitive lease conquest rebate of $1000. It’s about as low as you’re going to get plus T&L without that additional rebate. It’s correct about the tax credits, they go to the purchaser (Ford Credit on a lease). If you lease, the advantage is you don’t need a tax bill sufficiently large to cover the credit. You don’t need to have any tax bill at all. However, when entering into a lease it requires that you understand this so you can be sure to get a lower price on which the lease is based.

  2. apparently I went in with bad invoice pricing, then. I used Edmunds, and they said $31,521. I figured the list $595 for the paint would bring the invoice up to about $32k, and the $3k rebate would make $29k as “invoice”. I started at $500 below invoice. The dealer insisted that $29,608 was one dollar over invoice.

    Still, I’m not disappointed, a new car isn’t a “need” at this point.


    • Sorry, I looked at the wrong number. Edmunds gives $32,424 as invoice and $3000 less is $29,424. $29,425 should have been one dollar over invoice. I’m posting this as a correction to my statement above. You may be better off waiting. It was interesting to me that the dealer tried to add $4000 to MSRP as a starting point though. Thanks for the comments.

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