Research, Price & Find: Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi

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Use this C-MaxChat blog to get reviews for the Hybrid and Energi.

The C-Max PDF marketing brochure is at this Ford page.

The C-Max specifications are at this Ford page.  An alternative presentation of the Ford C-Max specifications are listed at

Use this Ford page to compare with the Prius.

Use this Edmunds’ page to compare with the Prius Plug-in and V.

Use this Ford form to get special offers and brochures on the C-Max.

Ford YouTube animation describing how the C-Max Energi works.

Ford YouTube video discussing the differences between the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and C-Max Hybrid.

Use this U.S. Government website to compare fuel economy.


Build and price a C-Max at this Ford page.

The Ford incentives for purchases and leases are at this Ford Page.

I recommend that you use the Costco Auto Program, if you’re a Costco member. For others, I recommend that you contact dealers via the internet until you find one that will sell at or near invoice pricing.  If in person, tell the salesperson “No” a few times and then haggle on the price.  If financing, you might want to get loan approval in advance.  Do not negotiate the monthly payment.  Negotiate the selling price.  As of January 2013, there are many dealers that will sell the C-Max Hybrid at or below invoice from inventory.  It will be difficult to get the C-Max Energi less than $1000 off MSRP, but some buyers have succeeded.  The supply of the Energi is growing rapidly now.  As of January 2013, it is easy to find dealers that will price the Energi or Hybrid at invoice without extra fees for customer orders.

Ford employees, family and friends of employees, and employees of dealers should use the AXZ-Plans for Pricing.


The Ford site for finding dealer inventory is at this Page.

The site for finding dealer inventory is at this Page.

Extended Service Plan

After agreeing to a price, the sales rep will send you to a finance person.  The finance person will try to sell you a warranty.  Some people are buying the 7-year bumper-to-bumper warranty because it is a new model.  I recommend that you do not buy an Extended Warranty or Service plan from the dealer.  Perhaps if you tell the finance person “No, it’s too expensive,” she will negotiate on the Extended Warranty price.  Ask her to show you their price and agree to a fixed amount over that, perhaps $100-200 dollars.  You can buy a Ford extended warranty from Ford at this page or from Ford Dealers.  Here’s a dealer that will sell Ford plans online at a very low price.

Government Tax Credits, HOV Lane Access, Free Parking Incentives

Federal and State Tax credits are described at this blog.

Although credits for the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt may differ from the Ford C-Max Energi, sites for the Leaf and Volt are useful to research tax credits, HOV lane access, and parking incentives that are applicable to the C-Max Hybrid and Energi.

There are state electric vehicle Incentives for the C-Max Energi on this page.  This list is old (May 2011) and you will need to follow-up with your state to make sure you know the current status of incentives in your area.  The Utah Clean Vehicle permit “C Decal” is ordered from UDOT.

World-wide government Incentives for plug-in vehicles that apply to the C-Max Energi are listed on a Wikipedia page.


I highly recommend the Edmunds iOS app for iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

This blog was first published on November 24th, 2012.  Revisions were published January 6th, 10th and 27th 2013.




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