C-Max Sales Up 12% for August

Ford Motor Company said today that August C-Max sales were 3,032 for the Hybrid and Energi models combined.  That is a month-over-month gain of 12% from the 2,700 sold in July 2013.  Toyota sold 3,932 Prius V’s and 1,791 Prius Plug-in Hybrid’s in August.  Nissan sold 2,420 Leafs.  General Motors sold 3,351 Volts.  I find the numbers disappointing.  I really don’t understand why C-Max Energi sales are so low (although Ford hasn’t reported the split between Hybrid and Energi sales yet for August).  I like my new Energi.  I haven’t had any problems with it.  I’m getting about 48 MPGe according to the display with very little charging over the first 1,400 miles (these are almost all “hybrid” miles).



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