$2.45 Gasoline Plus 93 Cents Electricity

I’ve had an epiphany.  It was staring at me all the time.  I need to combine my interest in electric vehicles with my love of nature, photography, and astronomy.  I have trips planned to Arches National Park, Great Basin National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and California Sea Arches/Lava Beds National Monument within the next 30 days.  I know.  I keep busy.  Yesterday, from my house in Highland I drove through American Fork Canyon past Timpanogos Cave National Monument, along the Alpine Loop Road, onto the Cascade Springs Scenic Drive, over the gravel road to Midway, and through Provo Canyon past Bridal Veil Falls back to my home.  The 56.7 mile round-trip cost $2.45 in gasoline (at $3.60 per gallon), 93 cents for electricity (out of the wall, assuming the charger is just 72% efficient).  For less than the cost of one gallon of gasoline I took a road trip that could easily fill a day of fun outdoor activities.

Cascade Springs Loop Trip Meter

Trip meter for alpine loop trip from my house.


I’m having fun with the C-Max Energi.  I need to stop blogging and get ready for the trip to Moab.  Here’s a few photos along the way.

C-Max Energi Alpine Loop

C-Max Energi on Alpine Loop Road


C-Max Energi Cascade Scenic Drive

C-Max Energi on Cascade Scenic Drive


C-Max Energi Midway Gravel Road

C-Max Energi on gravel road to Midway Utah

7 thoughts on “$2.45 Gasoline Plus 93 Cents Electricity

  1. Craig, is your GPS navigation accurate? When you drive around, leave the navigation screen on and see if it accurately report your vehicle position on the map. My GPS was faulty and was only intermittently accurate, sometimes I’m off about 50-100 yards. I had it replaced and had a heck of a time getting the Ford dealership to replace it.

    • I haven’t noticed a problem with it yet, but may not have noticed a 50-100 yard difference. Thanks for the hint. Thus far I haven’t experienced any problems. Because I drove it back from Denver, I already have 836 miles on it in the first week!

  2. Well, I’ve been through Provo Canyon. Wotta fun road!

    I’m seeing the upgrade start to kick in. Getting more 45 and 50 mpg legs. Average is nudging 40. That’s 20 more than I got on my last car.

    GPS still puts us on wrong nearby roads. But I never trust a GPS implicitly. Always have my iPad with me.

  3. We still haven’t seen any upgrade software in Canada for our C-Max which doesn’t make a lot of sense as you would think if the U.S. model need and upgrade, so do the Canadian one.

  4. No we did not hear anything from ‘our’ dealer but my wife called another dealer in town and they downloaded the stuff from Fords website and have booked an appointment to do our C-Max.

    Did you guys in the states ever get that $550.00 Ford was saying they were going to send out?

    Right in the Canadian brochure on the C-Max on the first page it claims the C-Max gets 71 MPG in the city and 69 MPG on the highway. I had a call the other day from a lawyer from the states wanting to know if I wanted to join an american lawsuit against Ford.

  5. I think that class action is “resolved” by the $550 check, whenever that happens. Seems Ford based their mpg ratings on the C Max Fusion (Focus?) which is a bit smaller, lighter than the C Max we’ve got.

    We never got any notice for the upgrade, except what we read on line. Called Dealer and had it done.

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