Ford Lowers C-Max MPG from 47 to 43 Combined

Ford is voluntarily changing its approach to measuring fuel economy labeling.  The EPA allowed the mpg to be reported the same for the Fusion and C-Max with only the Fusion being tested.  When the C-Max was tested, a decrease of the C-Max Hybrid mpg from 47 to 43 combined was documented.  According to, the new ratings for the C-Max will be 43 mpg combined, 45 city and 40 mpg highway.  The 2014 Ford C-Max, which will go on sale in December, is upgraded with new transmission gearing for a more efficient gear ratio and new hood seal, tire deflectors, A-pillar moldings, and lift gate deflectors to improve aerodynamics.  These changes for the 2014 model are in addition to the software changes already announced for 2013 C-Max Hybrids.    Ford hasn’t completed mpg testing yet for the 2014 C-Max Hybrid.  2013 C-Max Hybrid owners will get a goodwill payment check of $550.  Customers leasing a 2013 C-Max Hybrid will get a check for $325.  Owners with questions can contact Ford Customer Relationship Center via the web or phone at 800-392-3673.

Canadian owners will receive a check for $895 while customers leasing a C-Max Hybrid in Canada will get a check for $595.  Customers in Canada can contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center at 800-565-3673.

In the press release, Ford didn’t mention the C-Max Energi, whether it will get a MPG revision or if Energi owners will get a goodwill check too.  According to USA Today, the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi will still be rated at 44 city, 42 highway and 43 combined.

There also wasn’t any mention of the many lawsuits against Ford for mpg claims.  MPG claims for the C-Max were followed in these blogs, The Latest on The C-Max MPG StoryThe C-Max MPG Saga Continues, C-Max Hybrid Owner Starts Class-Action Suit Against Ford Over MPGFord C-Max Hybrid Lawsuit: C-Max Sold by Hyundai! Not Ford!Understanding The Ford C-Max and EPA “Why do Ford’s new hybrids ace the EPA fuel economy tests?”, and Owners Reporting Ford C-Max MPG Lower Than EPA Ratings.

First published Aug 16, 2013.  Updated Aug 17, 2013 with city and highway mpg published by and C-Max Energi mpg from  Updated October 7, 2013 with Canadian owner information.

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11 thoughts on “Ford Lowers C-Max MPG from 47 to 43 Combined

    • 49.5 right now…down from 49.9. Very hot So.Cal days require AC and that seems to eat down at the MPG.

      Also, my SEL is very warm inside. Not sure if AC is functioning properly or not.

      Also, plastic cover mount under rearview mirror on windshield is falling off.

      Anyway…at 7,500 miles I’ll have my first service and there’s a lot to be done: three/3 My Ford Touch software updates, national ROOF RECALL work, and normal maintenance.

  1. I’m getting a solid 45 mpg long term average. I take a regular 300 mile highway trip. I have an unresolved non-charging pug-in problem and I am getting really sick of the very crappy My Ford Touch software. All in all I am happy with the car, but this is going to kill resale values.

  2. The USA Today article on this:

    stated that the C-Max Energi wouldn’t get a revision because the Energi mileage figures were based on another car. That other car is the Fusion Energi, though, and so I’d think the C-Max Energi would have the same issue. I’m also having some trouble seeing how the C-Max and C-Max Energi could have the same combined mileage in hybrid mode, given that the Energi version is a heavier car.

    Having said that, we’re not very far off the 43 mpg estimate with our C-Max Energi in hybrid mode. The plugin range is about right as well. So we’re happy with that aspect of the car. Too true about My Ford Touch, though.

  3. Craig,

    I have a Energi with over 4,000 miles. These are some of my observations. I usually get in the mid 40’s mpg in the hybrid mode but it can vary from high 30’s to low 50’s depending on how you drive and other conditions that impact mileage. I presently average 88 mpg for all these miles. I am able to use plug in power for about half of them. I usually get from 20 to 25 electric miles on each charge. The Energi has been an excellent car for me and I am very happy with it. Thanks for you blog I really enjoy it.


  4. We purchased a C-Max Energi because the advertised electric range is enough to get us into town and back. That’s most of our normal driving. Since it does in fact live up to that advertised figure we rarely use gas. We averaged 148 mpg the first two months we had the car. Then we took a long road trip to Yellowstone, so we won’t see anything like that figure again any time soon. Oh well.

    One neat thing we learned on the road trip, though, is that the electric range gauge adjusts based on driving conditions. At 8,000 ft we were getting 38 miles of electric range because of the reduced air resistance. Very cool.

  5. Why Ford C-Max Hybrids are getting low MPGs analysis.

    I have posted my report here:

    My math substantiates my test condition findings.  Should I have made a mathematical error, please let me know.  If I hear nothing then I can assume it must be correct.  I reiterate, the C Max should be getting around 61 mpg at 60 mph…the math proves it.  Ford…if your reading this…please lower my RPMs in the next firmware release!  I will also volunteer to test your beta version for free.  Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Timothy,

      I’ve been traveling so much I’m slow responding. Sorry. It looks interesting. I wonder if it is possible to discuss this with a Ford engineer. Have you tried? What is your own background? Have you been able to discuss this with someone that has experience in the area?

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