Ford: Software Update to Improve C-Max MPG

Software Upgrade to Improve Fuel Economy of the Ford C-Max

Software Upgrade to Improve Fuel Economy of the Ford C-Max

According to Ford, owners will receive a letter in August offering a free dealer upgrade to improve fuel economy.  The software upgrade is intended to improve fuel economy in three areas: highway driving, short trips, and climate control.  Ford said the changes include:

  • Increasing the maximum pure electric speed to 85 mph from 62 mph, allowing increased use of electric-only mode on the highway
  • Optimizing the use of Active Grille Shutters to reduce aerodynamic drag under more driving and temperature conditions including cold weather, during air conditioner use and when the engine coolant temperature is higher
  • Reducing the electric fan speed as a function of coolant temperature to minimize the fan’s energy consumption
  • Shortening engine warm-up time by up to 50 percent to enable electric-only driving and engine shutdown at stops sooner after cold starts
  • Optimizing the climate control system to minimize use of the air conditioning compressor and reduce the energy used in cold weather operation

Raj Nair, group vice president of Global Product Development said, “Just as individual mileage can vary based on driving styles and environmental conditions, we expect fuel economy improvements will differ from customer to customer depending on individual driving habits.  Customers should see the most improvement at highway speeds, during air conditioner use and operation in colder climates.”

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8 thoughts on “Ford: Software Update to Improve C-Max MPG

  1. Can’t wait! The best we have gotten so far is 61MPG Canadian but has dropped back down with the air conditioner.

    We love the car and now with the new software and the outside temperature gauge where it should be and the liftgate lifting without all the goofing around to get it work, we are happier with this purchase every day.

    Don & Sally Lorencz
    Kelowna BC Canada

  2. Was just a few tire rotations away from 50MPG w/ my SEL…49.9998 or something when the hot weather kicked in. AC is a must because the car gets HOT! I suspect it’s because there’s so much glass and it’s not really tinted. So my MPG’s are down to 49.7 where it hasn’t moved for over a week now.

    I’m at about 5800 miles so I need to check the Ford Prem. Maint. plan I bought and see when I need to take it in for its first service. Maybe the tires need some pressure?

  3. I’ve had my C-Max SE since Nov. 2012 and I love it! With the combination of warmer weather, using the “Empower” display on the left, and learning how to drive a hybrid I am at 41.6 m.p.g. and that goes up by 0.1 m.p.g. with every trip here in the mountains of western NC.

  4. Same here. But I don’t completely trust any GPS. I always read the street signs. Our car had us a street off course while driving home last night.

  5. Love this car. The room, sitting slightly higher than traffic but I don’t have to climb into the car. The comfort. And the sound system! After three weeks and 1000 miles we are up to 35 mpg. Had the windows tinted locally. A must in Florida. Have mostly figured out the touch system. I can use my phone through it. All round fine car.

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