InsideEVs: The 2014 Ford C-Max Energi Is Same as 2013

According to, the only change for the 2014 C-Max Energi will be some new order codes.  The website said the 2014 C-Max Energi will start production on July 8th at the Wayne Michigan Assembly plant.  InsideEVs also speculated that the 2015 model year will have “bigger changes” (which isn’t hard if the 2014 year doesn’t have any).  Quoting InsideEVs: “…as the platform has been around since 2011 and is due for a refresh…which is most likely the culprit behind the model’s feature freeze for 2014.  (For 2015, think integrating the vehicles lithium battery that now resides in the trunk elsewhere in the car).”  Earlier, Motor Trend speculated that the 2015 Ford C-Max, updated in North America in 2014, will have an Aston Martin-styled grill (see, Most Important Features for The Next Ford C-Max Update).


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