Ford C-Max Sales Down 4% From March

Ford C-Max sales were down 4 percent in April from March 2013

Ford C-Max sales were down 4 percent month-to-month with 3,608 vehicles sold during April 2013.  The break down between C-Max Hybrid and Energi sales wasn’t disclosed in the press release.  Ford brand vehicle sales were up almost 18 percent from one year ago.  To keep it in perspective, Prius V sales are down 25% year-to-date from 2012 with 3,372 Prius V models sold in April.


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One thought on “Ford C-Max Sales Down 4% From March

  1. When the truth catches up, sale have no choice but to fall!

    We purchased a 2013 C-MAX here in Kelowna BC Canada from Kelowna Ford and we don’t feel we have heard one word of truth come out of their mouths since we purchased the car about anything!

    You guys South of the boarder believe that Ford lied to you with the mileage they claimed you would get, but what did they do to us? They told us and tell us in their brochure that this C-Max we bought gets 71MPG in the city and 69MPG on the highway, and even if the wife and I both drive it as if the gas pedal was an egg shell we didn’t want to break, the best mileage we ever get out of it is 40.7, a far, far, far cry and a big, big, big lie from 71 MPG!

    Don J Lorencz

    Kelowna BC

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