Most Important Features for The Next Ford C-Max Update

A lot of articles with photos of an updated Ford C-Max that will have an Aston Martin-styled grill are circulating on the web lately.  The current C-Max body, first sold in Europe in 2011, has only been in North America since last fall.  Motor Trend speculates that an updated C-Max will hit Europe late this year with a 2014 update in North America.  Personally, I’m more interested in five options that are available today in the 2013 Ford Fusion.

The most important to me is Cross-Traffic Alert.  It’s not uncommon to have your view blocked when backing out of a parking spot in a shopping center.  All you can do is go very slow and keep watching.  If your luck is poor, someone will be driving far too fast in the parking lot, not paying attention and you’re in an accident before you see them.  Ford’s Cross-Traffic Alert radar picks up vehicles moving at least 5 mph within 45 feet.  It is part of the blind spot information system, called BLIS by Ford.  If it senses this hazard, three warnings are given: an indicator lights up in the corresponding outside mirror, an audible alert is sounded and a message center warning is displayed.  It works for 90-degree or angled parking.

The feature of BLIS that it is named after identifies when a vehicle enters the blind-spot zone and illuminates an indicator light on the corresponding side view mirror.  A similar feature on the Mazda CX-5 does that, but also sounds a warning if you have the turn signal on and another vehicle is in your blind spot.  I’d like to see it implemented like Mazda does with the additional audible warning, but the Fusion’s warning light would be a step forward.

I often drive a 300-mile stretch of just interstate.  Drinks with caffeine, stopping for breaks, and a passenger paying attention all reduce the chance of fatigue causing an accident, but I’d still like to have the Ford Fusion’s Lane Keeping System (LKS) on the C-Max.  A forward-facing camera detects drowsiness and at first displays a warning and sounds a chime.  If the driver drifts out of the lane, the steering wheel vibrates as an added warning.  LKS will provide some torque to steer the car back toward the center of the lane if the driver ignores all warnings.  The driver chooses among many options including customizing the sensitivity, intensity of the steering-wheel vibration, or just provide alerts.

I like being able to set the cruise control in the city, but it’s not uncommon to have a car turn in front of me at a much slower speed.  The Adaptive Cruise Control option of the Fusion detects a slower vehicle ahead, reduces speed until a safe following distance is regained and then resets the cruise to the original speed.  The driver has control over many options including how the safe distance is determined.

A second feature combined with Adaptive Cruise Control is the Collision Warning System.  If the car senses a reduction in traffic speed ahead which could cause a collision, a warning light is flashed on the windshield.  If the driver doesn’t respond, the car pre-charges the brakes for faster braking.  If the driver decelerates without the brakes quickly, the car will apply the brakes faster than the driver can move to the brake pedal.  If the driver hits the brakes, they will be applied with full braking capability faster to avoid an accident.

A Fusion Energi Titanium with all of these features has an MSRP of $40,275.  BLIS and LKS add $1,140 to the cost with the Driver Assist Package.  Adaptive Cruise Control and the Collision Warning System add $995 more.  I can only think of one other feature that I would love to have in a C-Max, a 16 kWh battery pack to take full advantage of the $7,500 federal tax credit.  It would extend the EV range to more than 40 miles.  With the offset of the tax credit, the price of the car wouldn’t increase much, if at all.  The downside is the space consume by 8 kWh’s of lithium batteries.

What’s the most important features you would like in the next C-Max update?

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19 thoughts on “Most Important Features for The Next Ford C-Max Update

  1. (1) BACKUP CAMERA STANDARD on all models!
    (2) a more aerodynamic grill. Does it really need all those openings?
    (3) an upgrade path to plug-in on the standard hybrid.
    (4) Equalizer on the stereo. More watts couldn’t hurt. (it is boomy.)
    (5) Grand C-Max length option
    (6) Duplicate the ability of the left display pod in the right display pod.
    (7) an OBDII data mode in the MyFordTouch system
    (8) Pandora with station display on the MyFordTouch screen.

    • 3: No way. The significant added cost to equip the hybrid for retrofit would hurt sales. The hybrid and the energi have far more differences than you may think.

      8: Why discriminate against Slacker or Spotify? Let’s get Netflix too!

  2. I love our new C-Max but seriously, why can’t they get it’s clock to tell the right time? The clock in my old pickup truck only needs to be reset twice a year for daylight savings. This clock needs to be reset twice a day! We think that everything else is working fine. But this clock problem makes us wonder if there’s an underlying software problem that we haven’t detected yet. We’ve seen other owners post regarding the clocks, so we know we’re not the only ones.

    • Same clock problems here.

      It’s my understanding that updates to MyFordTouch will have to be done manually, by the owner, transferring the update via USB thumb drive. Not sure when that update will be available and how I will be notified? I’m hoping that I can just take it to the dealership and have them do it.

    • Others have detected it. There are dozens of bugs in MFT. Take it in and get the software updated, but that likely won’t make it work any better. IMO, MFT is the paragon of driver distraction. When the DoT gets serious about regulating in-car software, MFT will be the example of what not to do.

  3. Our 2013 Ford C-Max Horror Story with Kelowna Ford Lincoln

    We purchased this car about a month ago and we purchased it because Kelowna Ford had huge banners in the windshield of the car claiming that is got 71 MPG in the city and 69 MPG on the highway and the best we have ever gotten out of it was 40.5 MPG while driving the car very easily and gently, a far cry from 71 MPG. Even in Ford Canada’s brochure on the front page they claim that the car gets 71 in the city and 69 on the highway which is a bold face lie.

    How much more of this crap and outright lies and deceptions are we supposed to put up with from the Kelowna Fords and the Ford Canada’s of this world before we say ‘ enough is enough’ and do something about it.

    Right now in the United States there is a class action law suit against some dealers and Ford over this car and Ford U.S. claims that this car gets 47 MPG both in and out of the city. Same car yet the dealers and Ford U.S. claim in the states it gets 47 MPG and the lawsuit says it is not getting near that yet the SAME car in Canada is being sold and promoted by the dealers and Ford Canada as getting 71MPG.

    If this was the only part of this sale that Kelowna Ford Lincoln had lied to us about we may have chalked it up to them not having any idea as to what they were selling, but the mileage of the car was only one of many, many lies that we were lied to about by this dealership and we will never ever spend another dime with them!

    Don & Sally Lorencz
    West Kelowna, BC Canada

    • So did you ignore the mileage ratings on the factory window sticker and accept the word of a car salesman as truth? You obviously get the internet in West Kelowna but apparently you don’t use it for research. I can’t defend the dealers, but come on folks, do your homework. Did you think there was something magic about the Canadian version? Perhaps it was 71 kilometers? That would be about right.

      I’ve had one for 17k miles and I have a 45.5 mpg lifetime average. This includes a lot of EV miles, and a lot of long 70+ mph road trips. The car does change character after an 8k-9k mile break-in period. You won’t regret owning it.


    Apparently you do not understand english too well


  5. Maybe I don’t understand Canadian. Show me a photo. If the dealer printed it that may be legally actionable. I don’t believe the factory sticker said 70 mpg. Are you sure it wasn’t MPGe? You can’t ignore the “e”. That means electric equivalent mpg. Mine said 108 mpge on the factory sticker.

  6. Find ANY CANADIAN 2013 Ford C-Max Brochure available from any Canadian Ford Dealer and you will see with your own eyes on the front page where it clearly states “70.1 MPG in the city and 69.0 MPG on the highway and NO “e” …..

  7. Why post you a photo when you can’t read all the information available to you now, you know that you are not playing with a full deck now, the lights definitely are not all on and there is no way that the elevator goes anywhere near that top floor!

    Have you ever thought of going to to see what they said the CMAX gets for mileage? Are you smart enough on the computer to figure that out????? I guess not because if you were you would see that as soon as you clicked on Hybrids, the CMAX would be showing you that it gets 70 MPG in the city and 69.2 on the highway DUH!!!!!!!

  8. So we already received $800.00 back from Ford because they were off on the mileage and now we hear we are getting some more cash, has anyone heard anything about this?


    • Don, there was a payment of $775 for Energi owners stated, see Did you already receive that payment? I haven’t. When did you receive the $800 and where did you hear about another payment for Energi owners (please confirm you have an Energi rather than the Hybrid).

      • Hi Craig: Yes we have a Hybid and we received a cheque from For a few months back for around $800.00 but someone was saying the other day that Ford was going to issue another cheque as they were so off with their mileage figures they used when they sold us the cars.

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