C-Max Buyers Load Up On Options


C-Max Energi Panoramic Sunroof

Ford C-Max Energi with Panoramic Fixed-Glass Sunroof

According to Ford, more than three out of four C-Max customers choose the hands-free power liftgate.  The hands-free liftgate is available only for the Hybrid SEL and Energi.  It also requires the 301A and 302A equipment group packages.  These options add $3,110 to the price of the Hybrid SEL and $2,890 to the price of the Energi model.  Ford also states that 27% of customers choose the panoramic fixed-glass roof, a $1,195 option.  According to Ford, C-Max vehicles equipped with technology packages move off dealer lots three times faster than those without.

Ford hybrid sales in the first quarter of 2013 increased 324% over the first quarter of 2012, in part due to the introduction of the C-Max Hybrid and Energi last fall.  Although the C-Max is selling well in California, one-third of all sales are in the Midwest, where hybrid sales have historically been lower.  The Prius and Honda CR-V remain the top two competitive trade-ins for the C-Max.   Conquest sales, sales to customers owning another brand, have stayed above 60 percent since the C-Max was first sold in 2012.

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4 thoughts on “C-Max Buyers Load Up On Options

  1. As someone who thought he bought the hands-free lift gate, but found out later it was never there (I bought an SE), it looks like the true cost is higher than $3110, if you’re comparing it to the base price SE.

    • You’re right Geoff. The SEL without options is $3165 more than a base SE. It costs $5,480 more to get the hands-free liftgate than just the power lift gate that is in the 201A option package of the SE for $795 (of course there are many other options included for that $5,480 difference). Most buyers are going for very well equipped C-Max vehicles.

      • My problem is that I was such an early adopter (you can always tell the pioneers by the arrows in their backs!) that even the salesmen thought I was getting the hands-free liftgate on my SE.

  2. Remember, if your car is locked, your 1st kick motion will unlock the liftgate. Then you have to kick it again and the liftgate will open.

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