Using Facebook or Twitter To Keep Up-to-date with C-MaxChat Blogs

Do you use Facebook?  If you “Like” the C-MaxChat page in Facebook, you will get postings in your Facebook news feed for most of the blogs I post.  This is an easy way to see what I’m posting each day, without the need to come back to the C-MaxChat blog.  If you want to discontinue the postings to your Facebook news, just “unlike” the site.

C-MaxChat Facebook Page

Do you use Twitter?  Just choose to follow me on Twitter.  If you follow me, you will get Tweets with the latest blog articles as they become available, plus a few more tweets on other C-Max related tweets that you may find interesting.  If you want to discontinue the tweets, just stop following me.

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4 thoughts on “Using Facebook or Twitter To Keep Up-to-date with C-MaxChat Blogs

  1. I try to sign in but forgot my password and it tells me there is no one with my email address registered yet you send me email every second day to the address you say is not registered with you! How can that be?

  2. In Canada we keep hearing that all of you in U.S. that bought 2013 C-Max’s are going to get a cheque back for over $500.00, is this true? Has anyone gotten anything from Ford yet besides promises? Is it because of the lawsuits?

    Maybe we have to get a lawsuit started here in Canada because when we purchased our 2013 C-Mac we were told it would get 71MPG in the city and 69MPG on the highway and it is not even close and that is no with 8,000 kilometers on it


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