Where can I get the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Manuals?

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

Answer: Some C-Max buyers or prospective customers that want to research these vehicles to the extreme will be interested in checking the manuals.  The Manuals are now available at the Ford Owner web site.  The available manuals are:

Energi Quick Reference Guide 1st Printing

Owner Manual 1st Printing

[Hybrid] Quick Reference Guide 1st & 2nd Printing

Roadside Assistance Card 1st Printing

Sirius Satellite Radio Information Card 1st Printing

Tire Warranty 2nd Printing

Warranty Guide 2nd Printing

First Published Nov 16, 2012.  Updated January 2, 2013.


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10 thoughts on “Where can I get the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Manuals?

    • I guess you are trying to find a maintenance manual for the C-Max rather than the owner’s manual. As far as I know, one isn’t publicly available.

  1. Had a flat yesterday, tried to inflate with the kit that comes with the car to no avail. I would have preferred having a real spare. Had to call road service to get me back in motion. A real time waster.’

    • I understand. I carry a tire patching kit. They cost about $40. It gives more options to get on the way. We went on >5,000 mile trip. We carried a spare in the car with it tied down to the baby seat strap on the lowered back seat, but this isn’t practical for most owners. It is a pain that most cars, even trucks and SUVs, don’t have full size spares anymore.

  2. I wanted to purchase a C-Max but when I found out there is No Spare Tire I have changed my mind. I am looking at Toyota!

    • The 2015 Toyota Prius does have a temporary spare tire, which could be considered an advantage. I kind of like the tire repair kit in combination with the pump that comes with the C-Max. Although, on a 5,000 mile trip through remote areas of Canada I carried a full-size spare tire strapped to the child seat anchor.

  3. Any info on the CMAX 2013 as for expired messages would be great. Also, I just bought 4 new tires…should have saved one….oh well, got through Discount Tire…

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