Toyota Prius and Honda CR-V Are Top Competitive Trade-in Vehicles for C-Max

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid and 2013 Ford C-Max Energi

More than 60% of sales for Ford C-Max are sold to customers loyal to another brand.

More than 60 percent of the C-Max vehicles are sold to customers previously loyal to another brand, called “conquest buyers”.  The Toyota Prius and Honda CR-V hold the top competitive trade-in spots.  Ford said one-third of all C-Max sales are to customers in the midwest (Great Lakes and Central Regions).  It was previously reported that one fourth of C-Max sales were in California.

The success of C-Max luring customers away from other brands is supported by Ford’s unique La Linea ads according to Ford.  Nielsen data from the La Linea 2012 ad campaign for the C-Max “show the campaign’s message communication, brand communication and purchase consideration are significantly higher than the norm.”  C.J. O’Donnell, marketing and strategy manager for Ford Electrified Vehicles, said, “…this is just a start; we intend to take a much larger share of the hybrid market.”  Although Ford said there would be new La Linea ads, the C-MaxChat blog on YouTube ads appears to cover all ads posted on YouTube for now.  The hybrid games ads for the internet have been viewed almost 417,000 times from the Ford website through December 31, 2012.  According to Ford, this was double their goal and far more than the views on YouTube that are tracked by C-MaxChat.  A Ford press release is available for those interested in more detail on the marketing campaign.

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4 thoughts on “Toyota Prius and Honda CR-V Are Top Competitive Trade-in Vehicles for C-Max

  1. From the C-Max forums, I’ve also noticed a bunch of people converting from the various VW TDI models, including myself. Coming from a Jetta Sportwagen, the C-Max was a very natural next step.

    • Thanks for the insight. The TDI models should be very good for highway driving and the C-Max for city. Would you share reasons you decided to switch from the TDI Jetta Sportwagen to a C-Max?

      • The TDI is great on the highway, but poor for short in-town drives, especially when the engine is cold. My driving pattern consists of daily short commutes and longer weekend excursions. I’ve been using an electric scooter for commuting (and the TDI for the weekend), but wanted better safety and weather protection. So a plugin hybrid was my real target, and the C-Max Energi fit my needs perfectly. The highway performance is pretty close to the TDI, and I’m doing my daily drives entirely on electricity.

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