Does Facebook help predict the future for the C-Max (follow-up)?

Toyota has a Facebook page for the Prius.  Ford has a Facebook page for the C-Max.  On On October 18th, when I published an earlier blog, there were 9,622 likes for the C-Max page and 403,787 likes for the Prius page.  This wasn’t too surprising.  What was surprising is 5,300 “talking about this” for the C-Max page but just 1,397 for the Prius page.  The interest in the new C-Max was amazing.  It’s time for a follow up.  Today, the Prius page has 404,742 likes, an increase of 0.24%.  The C-Max page now has 19,140 likes, an increase of 98.9%.  The talking about this for the Prius page is up to 2,133 and the C-Max page has dropped off to just 1,601.  There was definitely a surge of interest in the C-Max last month.  It will be interesting to check the stats for the two Facebook sites in another month.

Ford C-MAX Hybrid

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid


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