Checking out the competition: Prius V

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Ford compares the C-Max with the Prius V constantly.  When we first went to Karl Malone Toyota in July, the Prius V wasn’t available at the dealership.  My wife was excited to check out the Prius V though.  I put a request into the Costco Auto Program and found out that Karl Malone Toyota was the local Costco dealership.  We set up an appointment with Matt Earle.  We liked a lot about the Prius V.  The downside for my wife was less ground clearance than on a SUV.  There also wasn’t a location in the console to store her purse but there was a spot on the console near the dashboard that she could place a small purse.  It was an acceptable compromise for her.  She also thinks highly of the Toyota brand.

For me, the Prius V was expensive.  The V Model Five, the highest end of the Prius line, equipped with the Advanced Technology Package that includes the panoramic sunroof (moonroof) was $36809 and with the Costco pricing it was $34,961.  This nicely equipped Prius is much more expensive than the SEL C-Max Energi with 303A options package and the sunroof after the tax credit.  The vehicles are similar but the Energi is about $2000 less after the tax credit.  I asked Matt if there was any word when the Plug-in (PHEV) version of the Prius V would be on the market.  He said he didn’t know.

MotorTrend recently compared the Prius V and C-Max Hybrid.

This blog was originally published Sep 10th, 2012.  I’ve added a MotorTrend comparison of the C-Max Hybrid and the Toyota Prius V and changed the publication date.


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