Ford C-Max Energi Inventory is Growing Rapidly

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

2013 Ford C-Max Energi Inventory is Growing Rapidly

One month ago on Christmas Eve 2012, the C-Max (Hybrid and Energi combined) was in the top ten hardest cars to find according to Forbes.  On that day, I used the site to search for C-Max Energi vehicles within 500 miles of the nineteen markets that were the first to receive plug-in electric cars from Ford, including the plug-in version of the C-Max, the C-Max Energi.  With that search on Christmas Eve I couldn’t find even one C-Max Energi even though thousands of C-Max Hybrids were available on the same day.

As a follow-up, I searched the same nineteen markets for the C-Max Energi today.  Within 500 miles there were 434 vehicles (many of these may be the same vehicle listed more than once because of the large 500-mile radius).  There were 84 within 50 miles of the nineteen markets.  A search of my zip code in Utah even found three.

Although the C-Max Energi inventory is growing, a prospective buyer does not have a bargaining advantage today.  Many dealers will insist on a premium still.  Just go to another dealer.  If you’re going to order a C-Max Energi, it is easy to find dealers that will sell at invoice.  I recently found two dealers willing to sell a customer order C-Max Energi for $500 less than invoice.

Please let others on C-MaxChat know about Ford C-Max Energi dealers that you’d recommend.  I’m also interested in your shopping experiences.  I’m sure C-MaxChat users are too.  For advice on car shopping, read my blog, “Research, Price & Find: Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi.”


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3 thoughts on “Ford C-Max Energi Inventory is Growing Rapidly

  1. Craig: Thanks for all your help in buying my C Max you have great information on your site. I just picked up my Energi yesterday. I ordered it on Dec 2 and it was built on Jan 4. I was away for a week so i could have picked it up sooner. It is the base model that I wanted. I could have gotten the exact same car that was in stock in Nov using the Costco program. The discount would have been a couple of hundred dollars more but that dealer offered me $3000 less on my trade. I used USAA buying service and was able to get $1814 off MSRP with a local dealer. Thanks to you I sent away for the private cash $750 and got it two days before purchase so I was able to get that discount. That along with the tax credit I will pay $27,430 plus taxes and fees. So far I have only driven it a few miles but looks and drives great. Dave Jenkins

    • Thanks David for posting this. Your experience will help others as they shop. I’m glad that the site has been useful to you.

  2. According to Ford, see, every dealer that can sell a C-Max Energi must also keep one in stock at all times for demonstrations and events. This seems to imply that there needs to be more than 900 C-Max Energi vehicles (one for each dealer) in dealer stock before they can be sold. If this is the case, dealer inventory is still very limited for the Energi. They may not be able to sell the one they have, even if they have one in stock.

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