Does the Ford C-Max Have a Spare Tire?

C-Max Energi Driver-Side Tire, Disc Brake and Radar Sensor

Ford C-Max Energi Driver-Side Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire, Disc Brake and Radar Sensor

Answer: No.  The Ford C-Max joins many cars that are being sold without spare tires (“Automakers leave nothing to spare” in the LA Times).  It has what Ford calls a “Temporary Mobility Kit”.  This kit includes a compressor and canister with latex sealant.  The kit is stored under the front passenger seat.  Ford recommends a maximum speed of 50 mph and driving no more than 120 miles when a tire is repaired with the kit.  Ford also warns users that the kit cannot repair punctures on the sidewall and is limited to 1/4 inch or smaller holes.  The tire sealant has an expiration date and must be replaced after storing the canister four years.  After using the sealant, the tire pressure monitor sensor and the valve stem must be replaced for the tire.  The sealant canister is for one-time use on one tire only.  The kit description and use is explained in the C-Max manual on pages 335-343.


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    • Yes. It is on page 331 of the manual. “As an added safety feature, your vehicle has been equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that illuminates a low tire pressure telltale when one or more of your tires is significantly under-inflated.”

  1. A good quality tire repair kit, e.g., Safety Seal, is an alternative to using the sealant. I keep one of these with my Jeep at all times when off-roading. There are also inexpensive compressors that work quite well if you’re not satisfied with the one that is included with the C-Max.

  2. Looking for new hybrid. Excited to read about Cmax…sold on it…that is, until I found out that they do not come with a spare tire. “Tire repair kit” is a “no go” for me. Had several flats last year–including one sidewall situation-“repair kit” would not repair these. So glad I had the spare. Please Ford reconsider! You are losing customers like me.

    • I hear you (maybe Ford doesn’t). This is getting much more common. The Nissan Leaf has a similar compressor/sealant combo kit. Someone punched a whole in the sidewall of our Nissan Leaf. It wasn’t possible to repair it. The tire had to be replaced. There wasn’t an identical tire available that I could find in the state of Utah. The Nissan dealer was fastest (24 hrs if I ordered by noon). Discount Tire took about 5 days (they had to get it from California). We decided we could get by without the Leaf for 5 days to save about $45 on the tire (Discount Tire was also much closer to home). However, I really only like full size tires and it’s rare to see those anymore.

      The problem is what car has a spare of comparable size (an older model RAV4)?

  3. We have had our C-MaxEnergi for about 3 months.. Never once were we told it did not have a spare tire. Just hit a curb going through a small round-a-bout and blew the side wall of the rear tire. Not that it would help, but there is no “Temporary Mobility Kit” in the car either. What BS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi. I have a similar issue. I bought a 6 month old ford c-max 1.6 tdci titanium. There components of a trye repair kit in the spare tyre compartment in the boot but I do not know what should be there and if anything is missing. Why do you say it is kept under the front passenger seat? Is this just the case for certain models or will there be something else under the seat as well as in the boot? Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • The compressor is stored under the seat for the US and Canadian C-Max Hybrid and Energi. I don’t know what is used for your C-Max. Sorry.

    • It’s getting pretty rare to have a full-size spare tire though. Trucks and a limited number of SUVs seem to be it. The compressor does work quite well. I keep a tire repair kit with my C-Max Energi, as mentioned above.

  5. When I found out the C-max had no spare, I planned buy my own (full size) spare tire and wheel with the TPS and remote to reset it. I may be doing some distance driving, and like others who have blogged, the Tire Mobility kit seems insufficient to me. Is there any reason I could not use this for a tire change myself? I have been able to locate the OE trie and a 5 bolt wheel.

    • You need the jack and wrench too, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do this. The downside is the loss of space. I’ve noticed it is possible to get the rim on eBay, like at this link: It also may be wise to have a way to anchor the tire (such as to the child seat latches) so it doesn’t fly through the air inside the car in an accident. Personally, I’m just sticking with the patch kit. It’s much less expensive and takes up very little space. Together with the compressor that comes with the car, it’s possible to fix the most common flats, which are not on the side wall of the tire. I did have someone punch a hole in the side of my Nissan Leaf tire though, so it can happen.

  6. I hit a curb on Thursday – it was either that or collide with someone roaring in reverse in a parking lot. My C-Max’s tire sidewall fell apart like a wet tissue, and I doubt that I was going 10mph. The can of Fix-a-flat that came with the car was not going to do squat. I had to be towed to a tire shop and the tire had to be ordered. It’s Monday, and the tire is still not in. Even with a free tow by AAA, this one crappy tire has set me back $300.00. There is no way a sideways should rupture from a low-speed smack on a curb. Ford should be ashamed on so many levels. The no-spare deal is completely unacceptable, too. My C-Max is also the most boring car I’ve ever owned and I’m more sorry than e v error that my husband talked me into it. I am so ready to trade it in on a real car.

    • Full-size spare tires are getting rare. On an upcoming trip, I needed to rent a full-size truck to get a spare tire. The Michelin tires that come standard on the C-Max are not cheap. I’m curious, what car did you want to buy (before your husband convinced you to buy the C-Max)? Or, what car do you plan to trade-in your C-Max for?

    • I’m with you. I got the C-Max hybrid 2 months ago, I had the same problem with the tires, I was going on low speed and hit the sidewalk, both tires passenger side and back tire also the same side blew up like a water balloon, the EV mode on the hybrid version is a joke only last for like 5 minutes or less, and also I’m spending to much money on gas, I used to drive a Toyota Matrix 07 and I can’t believe my old car was better fuel efficient. I did like the car at first, I loved the inside, I was going to get a Nissan Leaf but I don’t know why I got into this deal. :( I’ll trade it for a Leaf in the future

      • I leased a Leaf for two years starting in 2012. We just turned it in. With regard to tires, the Michelin tires on the C-Max are superior to the Bridgestone tires on the Leaf. We have almost as many miles on the Ford now as we had on the Leaf at end of lease. The tire wear is far less on the Michelin tires. The Michelin tires also cost more, if you want to replace them. With regard to the tire repair kit, both Leaf and C-Max have a similar tire repair kit. I preferred the one in the Ford so much though (the pump seemed much superior) that I always used it for both cars.

        With regard to the cost of driving, it sounds like you have the C-Max Hybrid. That is quite a different car than the Leaf. The Energi has much more similarities to the Leaf. It may be that a Leaf is a better choice for you. It depends on driving style, charging locations available to you, whether you have free charging available, distance you need to commute, cost of electricity, etc. If a Leaf was a strong contender in your view, you should have consider the Energi rather than the Hybrid version of the C-Max.

        I hope you get a car that works better for your needs.

  7. I would have been happy with either a donut spare or a better-built tire that did not disintegrate so easily. For just a few hundred buck more a month, I am seriously considering the opposite end of the economy spectrum and getting a Tesla. My house has enough solar panels that electricity would not be a cost factor, and the only reason I didn’t get the electric C-Max is because the closest Ford dealer is over an hour away. With a Tesla, that wouldn’t be an issue, as they come to you. My multiple visits to the Ford dealer for various issues and recalls is also an ongoing sore spot in my life. I seriously dislike my C-Max, but I wanted an American-made car, so I listened to the Hubster and got a pathetic, boring, gutless wonder of a car. The only thing I like about the entire car is the satellite radio. The interface is crap, the HVAC is inconsistent, seats are uncomfortable, and the back hatch is a pain because it inconsistently works with the clicker, and then you never know where it’s going to stop in its travels. Add to that that the car can barely get out of its own way, and it’s a sorry excuse of a car. Then there’s the so-much touted mpg – liar, liar, pants on fire!

    I’m 63 years old. Life’s too short to be stuck with a C-Max.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I have the Energi and enjoy it, as you probably know. I wasn’t interested in the C-Max Hybrid. I took the liberty to make the correction you intended with the second posting and then deleted it.

  8. Ditto about tire comments. My C-Max is a little over 1 year old and has 8K miles. Today, as I was turning on to freeway, the back tire went over a curb. Thought nothing of it, but the sign came up: low tire pressure. Decided it best to turn off. That tire went flat. Luckily, I called AAA. Could not locate spare tire, not much of an explanation in manual either. Got towed to the nearest tire shop and had to replace it because it had a gash. What kind of Michelin tires are they? No spare. Horrible manual information. For the amount of money I pay every month to lease this damn car, I could have gotten a BMW!
    Oh yes, central console lock broke last week. Dealer has yet to contact me about replacement part. Two months ago the car alarm system that was installed got stuck and had have it towed for that too. Hybrid Shymbrid. Ford shame on you!

  9. I love my C-Max, however, when I had a blowout it turned into a terrible problem – went looking for the spare – of course, couldn’t find it. The dealership did not tell me there was no spare – I believe this to be unacceptable and irresponsible. I would not have purchased the car if the dealership had been forthcoming. Also, a problem with the Michelin tire, which had the blowout in the inside sidewall with 16K miles. Then I found the tire kit which made me think of bike tire repair.

    • Cars without full-size spare tires are the norm lately. You almost have to buy a truck or off-road vehicle to get them. More manufacturers are going with a pump. I keep a good repair kit in my C-Max (as stated in the comments above) and have liked the pump that comes with the C-Max – I used it on our Nissan Leaf to inflate the tires too (it’s better than the one that came with the Leaf). We went on a very long road trip last summer and I took a full size spare with me, but it did take up plenty of space – and I never used it.

  10. I bought my C-Max Engeri 14 month ago, brand new. Yesterday the “Tire Mobility Light” came on. Today I had to replace the canister. I have never used it. It cost me $118.89 to replace it and have it installed. I think it should have been covered under warranty.

    • That is absolutely terrible. What is wrong with Ford??? It’s bad enough that the tires are complete crap and there’s no spare or donut, but to have to spend $118.89 to replace that unused canister is unconscionable! I hope that someone from Ford reads this and reimburses you for something that should, IMHO, been covered! So, I guess this means that any of us who may have the need to use that kit will not only spend $300.00 to replace their terrible tired, but an additional $118.89 to renew the totally inadequate Fix-A-Flat kit. I will never buy another Ford, and my husband and I are currently contemplating our next auto purchase, as I want to be rid, rid, rid of my C-Max.

      • knitbunnie, I’m curious what tires came with your C-Max (Energi or Hybrid). Our 2013 Energi came with very high quality Michelin tires. Ford may be using other tires. It would be pretty nasty if a dealer took the Michelin’s off the car and sold a C-Max with an inferior tire (I hope this isn’t happening). The Michelin’s are lasting far longer for us than the tires that came on our leased Nissan Leaf.

        • Craig – I have Michelins. If you re-read the thread above, I’m not the only one who has had a problem with the sidewalls of these paper thin tires. Yes, the tread is holding up well on mine, but the tires obviously have thin , inadequate sidewalls, as others besides myself have complained about the very same problem. To get a tire that matched when I had to replace one, it was $300, so I know they are not inexpensive tires, but money does not always buy quality.

    • Cathy, I think you were scammed by the dealer. If you look on page 122 of the manual (I’m referring to the first printing, later printings may be on different pages), it states that you select a number of years for the Tire Mobility Kit. Then on page 130, it states Service Tire Mobility Kit comes on to see an authorized dealer. For some reason, it appears as though you had a very low setting, like one year, for the setting. I don’t believe there is any way for the car to electronically monitor the kit itself. I don’t believe it was proper to replace the kit for a 14 month old car. I think the dealer should have known this and clearly took advantage of you. I also might note that using a tire repair kit, such as the Safety Seal noted above, is better that using the sealant that comes with the kit. The pump in the kit should last many years, I would guess the life of the car. (The pump with the kit is quite nice.)

      • If that low 1-year parameter was set by Ford, they should be responsible for the replacement. If the dealer was out to scam Cathy, Ford should, again, be responsible, since it’s THEIR dealer.

      • I called my dealer back and told him I found out on Fords site that the canister had a 4 year shelf life so they said they would check it out. The called me back and said they are working with Ford to return my money. I will let everyone know when I receive it.

  11. Latest in the saga of the so-called high-quality Michelin tires. I visited the Ford dealer for an oil change and a recall. On the safety inspection, it was found that yet another one of those crappy Michelins was going bad – bubble in the pristine-looking sidewall. As I drive with some regularity on interstates at 70 mph, I decided that, for my own safety, I’d replace all four tires with something different. The service head, after hearing my minor tirade on the Michelins, recommended a different tire, and I drove home with four new tires.

    Hubby and I keep discussing getting rid of the gutless wonder, but we live in a county with one new car dealer, a Chevy dealer, and we don’t want a Chevrolet, either. The Ford dealer where I bought my C-Max is an hour away over a mountain, in a small town in a different county, and we just haven’t had the time to deal with buying another car, or the desire to have to drive even further to find what we want and then to get it serviced in the future. Other than the lousy tires and the endless recalls, I will admit that my C-Max has been trouble-free, so I just keep putting off getting rid of it.

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