Charging the Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi Charge Port

Ford C-Max Energi J1772 Charge Port

The C-Max Energi should take about 7 hours to charge the 7.6 kWh battery with the trickle  charger provided by Ford running off 120v AC.  That may be sufficient for most users and doesn’t require anything other than a 120v outlet in your garage.  A J1772 Level 2 charger should take about one third that time, or roughly 2 hours. The best price I’ve seen on a J1772 Level 2 charger is the Leviton Evr-Green at Home Depot.  It’s $799.  I doubt if the Best Buy/Ford charger option will make financial sense but my understanding is it charges faster than the typical 3.6 kWh J1772 Level 2 charger and is available for about $1500.  (The Ford site states to contact your Ford dealer for pricing.  It’s possible to upgrade the Nissan Leaf trickle charger to J1772 Level 2 for less than $300 at EVSE Upgrade.  This could be available for the Ford trickle charger too – check with EVSE Upgrade.)  If you decide to install a 240v Level 2 charger, it makes sense to have an electrician install a 240v plug in the garage.  That makes it possible to move the charger to another location.

This blog was first published November 13th.  It was changed on December 7th, 2012.



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23 thoughts on “Charging the Ford C-Max Energi

  1. Home Depot does have the best price for the Level 2 charger which includes the installation kit. The only complaint I have abut this vehicle is Ford has not corrected the “flashing blue light” problem. The car will not charge when this occurs and must be taken to the dealership for the battery module code to be reset. A huge problem. My charger currently charges the battery to 26 miles. We are really enjoying this car and we still have the gas the dealership provided when we bought it in the gas tank after three weeks!!!! Ford though must resolve the battery issue as soon as possible.

      • I removed the MyFord Mobile App from my cell phone and have not had a problem since removing the app. Maybe this was the cause of the problem. Will let you know if I experience the problem again and have to take the vehicle back to the Ford Dealership.

        • OK. FYI, I’m using the MyFordMobile App. I guess there have been recent changes to it and the site. It’s certainly possible it has something to do with the problem. Please let me know what happens. I’ll post again if I see the problem with my Energi.

        • I may know the source of the problem. I was checking out MyFordMobile this morning. It let me assign a key to me (rather than my wife). That set up “Value” Charging and turned it on in MyFordMobile even though I didn’t have any hours set for Value Charging. The result is the car wouldn’t charge (it would start charging for minutes until it communicated with MyFordMobile and then stop, waiting for Value charging that wasn’t set). Bottom line, log in to the MyFordMobile website and make sure the Charge Settings -> Value Charge Profiles is set to Charge Now (unless you want to use Value Charging).

  2. I think (for now) I am going to keep the app off of our phones. The car has not stopped charging since the dealership reset it. In two weeks my Leviton Level 2 charger will be installed by a electrician and I do not want anything to interfere with that. I agree with you that there is something wrong with the app settings. After the Level 2 charger is installed I am going to take the car back to the dealership and let them install the app and let them make the proper settings. I just want the car to charge whenever I plug it in. I am not really concerned about the electricity rates, because whenever I charge it, the cost will be lower than purchasing gasoline!

    • I would still recommend logging in to and making sure Value Charging is turned off. However, reading the forum link again today it is clear this isn’t the only issue.

  3. Flashing blue ring for the second time tonight. Car will not charge. Taking it back to the dealership to be reset. Hope they have solved the software problem. The only time I have used gasoline is to take it back to the dealership for the battery module to be reset!

  4. The instrumentation in my new C-Max seems to be fouled up. It shows a maximum range of 18 Km instead of 43. Whoever did the metric conversion of the software seems to have goofed! Setting the car instrumentation back to imperial units doesn’t help, the range then becomes about 12 miles.

    • It doesn’t display a maximum. It displays an estimate of the range. If you have the climate control turn on, the range will be dramatically less (toggle it on and off and you’ll see). It also depends on your driving/usage history. This can be affected by cold weather. I assume you’re in Canada. I have seen estimates on my C-Max Energi from 13 to 39 miles, a substantial range.

  5. I purchased a standard C-Max and really love it. Is it possible to charge the battery when I am not using it, as to add range to it and cut down on gas use?

    • Definitely, use the Level 1 “trickle charger” that comes with the Energi and always top it off when you’re home and not driving around. It’s less expensive than gasoline.

  6. As long as you bring your charger with you and have a plug, or stop at a charging facilitity such as Walgreens and use their 240 plug!

    • Use the MyFord Mobile app or MyFord Touch to find other charging locations too. I like using the PlugShare app. It lets me find them for our Nissan Leaf or Ford C-Max Energi. I write about finding charging locations in the following blog:

  7. I believe that you misuse the term “trickle” charger. A trickle charger is usually a 1 to 2 amp charger used to keep lead acid batteries from losing charge on storage. The Ford 120volt unit runs at well over 10 amps. My experience is that charge times are less than advertised which could be because line voltage in my area is on the high side of nominal.

  8. My Energi c-max charged to 20 miles when it was new in April,and now I can only get a maximum of 15 miles. I have a 220 volt charging statin with a dedicated line. Why does it keep charging less miles on a full charge?

    • It doesn’t mean your battery is no longer holding a full charge.

      The distance is an estimate of how far you will drive. You could measure your actual distance (I assume the 20 and 15 miles is displayed by the car, not your distance traveled). Turn on the heater, AC or even fan and the distance drops. The estimate is based on recent travel for miles per kWh. Drive in cold weather and the distance drops, etc. Start fast at intersections or do not recapture most of the energy on braking and the distance will drop for future predictions made by the car. Drive faster than about 65 and the miles per kWh drops – affecting future predictions.

      I’ve seen as high as 39 miles and about as low as 13.

  9. My 2013 C max energi’s battery charges to 28 miles in the summer and 18 miles in the winter. I rarely travel more than 18 miles on any trip therefore I rarely use gasoline. I have had the car now for two years.

  10. I purchased a 2013 C Max Energy and was told I did not have to charge the car at all if I did not want to. Now I think I am suppose to charge the car “frequently”. I love my car and get amazing mileage on the Hybred mode. I have charged it but only a few times.
    Do you know if we have to charge the car?

    • You never *have to* charge your car, but when you do charge it from electricity you don’t have to use *any* gas for the first 20 miles! So, your mpg will go way up! So, charge it whenever you conveniently can. Leave your charger plugged in at home all the time, and when you come home for the evening take just a second to plug it in. In the morning, unplug it and drive away.

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