A Ford C-Max Bike Rack with a Hitch

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

It’s possible to carry a bike on a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid with a trailer hitch.

The European C-Max includes an option for a trailer hitch.  The C-Max manual for the Hybrid and Energi sold in the U.S. warns against towing but also includes two references to towing a trailer.  On page 243, it states: “WARNING: Never tow a trailer with this vehicle. Your vehicle is not equipped to tow. No towing packages are available through an authorized dealer.”  On Page 228, it states “When towing, the camera only sees what is being towed behind the vehicle. This might not provide adequate coverage as it usually provides in normal operation and some objects might not be seen. In some vehicles, the guidelines may disappear once the trailer tow connector is engaged.”  On page 252, the manual states, “Trailers shall be covered up to $200 if the disabled eligible vehicle requires service at the nearest authorized dealer. If the trailer is disabled, but the towing vehicle is operational, the trailer does not qualify for any roadside services.”

I don’t know how adding a trailer hitch will affect your warranty, but if you need a bike rack, it’s a good site.  Torklift Central has the Ford C-Max EcoHitch with a 1.25″ or 2″ receiver for $249.95 with a video of the installation.  This hitch doesn’t require drilling and the installation is fast (less than 3 minutes in the video).  Curt makes a 1.25″ trailer hitch for 1.25″ Hitch ($252.03) but it does require drilling and according to Curt takes 20 minutes to install.  Here’s the Curt Hitch at Juicedhybrid.com for $159.00.  The Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch with a 1.25″ receiver from eTrailer.com is another option for the Ford C-Max.  It requires drilling to install.

If you’ve added a hitch to your Ford C-Max or carry a bike or other external accessories, let us know what you like and don’t like.


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12 thoughts on “A Ford C-Max Bike Rack with a Hitch

  1. Ordered my C-Max about 5 weeks ago, upon looking at hitches mine will be basically used fora wheel chair adapter. I do have a small trailer (about 300 lbs) that I do plan to use for hauling horse feed, my total weight for this will be about 700 lbs total, so I feel the C-Max will do this job with no problems. Feed runs would be once a month. I would like to be able to post comments as a member, I’m a member of the Ford Social Group.

  2. I know this post is old, but I’ve just had Torklift install that C-Max hitch, and it’s great. I use a Draftmaster rack from ATOC that can hold up to 5 bikes. I use it for my road bike, and a fairly heavy tandem. The hitch and the rack are solid, and the whole thing folds down to the ground to allow access to the lift-gate.

  3. Hey C-Max Chat & Craig, The hitch is a must these days, as you do I use it more as a hitch-hauler over trailer. I like to build things, when the NC weather turns cold a project planned for Herbie is a *Trailer Trunk to give a bit more storage. Nothing big about 18″ square by about 36″ long. Hope more C-Max owners join this, don’t forget to further join more of us at *Ford Social.

  4. I had a Curt hitch installed for my bike rack, forgot to ask the dealer if the foot-activated lift gate will still work – it doesn’t. Going back to ask for a refund – wish me luck. Probably will buy the Eco-hitch…

  5. Curt offers two hitchs’ for the C-Max with an without the foot activated switch, mine didn’t have the foot switch. As for towing think this way … A loaded C-Max 4 people and their gear would cope up to about 1,000 pounds. Tractor Supply has a small trailer that weighs just under 300 pounds. When my John Deere needs to go in my C-Max (Herbie) handles it with no problems. I never tow over 35 mph and take time starting an stopping. Had no problems.

  6. After reading several posts, I went home and tried the foot activation again, and after waving my foot around for what seemed like 50 tries, I did get the right sweet spot to activate the hatch switch. I have to swing just to the right of center – didn’t work perfectly every try, but at least I know it does work. So…I’m keeping the Curt hitch. My Saris Freedom rack does get in the way when the center post is up and ready for a bike, but folded down is not in the way. Works for me – we’ll only put the rack on when we need it. FYI – our local auto trim shop sold the hitch for $250 installed, matches the Torklift cost and I didn’t have to do it!

  7. I am not sure what is the advantage of Ecohitch from Torklift over the one from Curt. Other than the ease of installation, there isn’t any other I can find.
    The weight of both is the same, and the price of Curt “installed at Uhaul” is $70 less than that of Ecohitch.

    Am I missing something here ?!

  8. Well …. don’t attempt to pull a travel trailer. My C-Max has had a hitch on it from the start, my utility trailer is about 300 pounds, and never hauled more than 900 pounds … not that’s 900 pounds at 35 mph … no faster … period. It you want to tow a travel trailer, move up to the Transit Connect XLT Wagon, it can town 2,000 pounds, and is designed to tow 2,000 pounds. For how I tow with “Herbie” I haven’t had any problems, but at the same time I make no serious demands trailering either.

  9. Hi all, I’ve had my CMAX Hybrid for 5 years, it is one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. I now have a need to tow a 1000lb trailer (jet ski, trailer and fully fueled) on short jaunts when I travel to my second office in the Houston area. In all my research I can’t find anyone doing this much weight with a CMAX, but plenty of people doing this much weight for years with their Pruis’s. I will be solo in the car with nearly no baggage when I tow the single ski, I can’t imagine this would overtax the drivetrain on the CMAX. I just read that late 2019 Ford will release a Hybrid F150, in the article it discusses how strong the hybrid drive system and is ideally matched for towing. It appears to be heading toward the 10 speed gearbox, so I wonder about the CMAX CVT’s strength for towing. I know Subaru Foresters with CVT are rated to tow 2,500 lbs. Any comments and feedback is appreciated.

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