C-Max Hybrid December Sales Probably Flat in Comparison to November

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Sales Probably Flat in December

Ford published a press release on the upcoming Fusion Energi.  Within the release, Ford said it would finish the best quarter ever for electrified vehicles sales.  Ford projects more than 19,000 electrified vehicle sales for the fourth quarter.  According to Autobloggreen, October and November electrified vehicle sales were 11,887 combined.  This means Ford is projecting sales of at least 7,113 for December 2012.  That compares with 7,157 electrified vehicles sold in November 2012.  Ford’s projection might be very conservative.  If it isn’t, when the January sales results are reported next week, Ford C-Max sales will be flat in comparison to November 2012.  I expect that C-Max Energi sales will be down and Hybrid sales will be up slightly to compensate.  The C-Max Energi has limited availability and holds have been placed on customer orders that should have been completed in December.  We’ll see next week if my projection is correct.

Update: The December 2012 C-Max Sales were down 11 percent.


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