Ford C-Max Ads on YouTube

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

About two weeks ago Ford released ads for the C-Max on YouTube (FordCMAXNA).  As of Today, the ad with the most views had just 3,972 views.  Pathetic.  I’ve listed the ads from earliest to latest.  It’s pretty clear that Ford and their advertising agency are doing a poor job of promoting the C-Max in this internet-marketing age.  I subscribed to the Ford C-Max channel on YouTube today.  I joined just 21 others.

Hybrid Games: MPG Challenge, 2677 Views

Hybrid Games: The Semi Pass, 3967 Views

Hybrid Games: Tech Talk, 1005 Views

Hybrid Games: Available Foot-Activated Liftgate, 989 Views

C-Max Hybrid MPG Commercial, 1649 Views

C-Max LIft Gate Commercial, 710 Views

C-Max Horsepower Commercial, 1416 Views

Hybrid Games: Freeway On-Ramp, 16 Views

Hybrid Games: Interiority Complex, 10 Views

There are also two videos at another Ford YouTube site (fordvideo1).

C-Max Hybrid “Be Great” Commercial, 9541 Views

C-Max Hybrid “Says Wheeee” Commercial, 17,447 Views



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