Ford C-Max Facebook Page vs Toyota Prius

Toyota and Ford have Facebook pages for the Prius and C-Max.  The Prius page joined Facebook May 3, 2009.  The C-Max page started two years later on June 16, 2011.  The C-Max page is focused on the C-Max Hybrid/Energi.  The graph below shows the Facebook Page likes for C-Max and Prius pages since I started tracking it.  The data was collected on Oct 18, Nov 16, and the 16th of all other months (except July 2013, which wasn’t recorded).

There’s also the talking about this page count on Facebook.  These numbers jump more radically from month to month.  It is interesting to note that the talking about this page has dropped off dramatically from Oct for C-Max.

The most popular week for the Prius was February 26, 2012.  The most popular week for the C-Max was November 11, 2012.  Prius Facebook fans are more likely in Los Angeles in May but were from Bangkok Thailand every other month I’ve followed the Facebook page.  The C-Max Facebook fans most popular city has been Detroit every month except January 2013 when it was Boston, March and June and August 2013 when it was Los Angeles, April when it was New York City and May when it was in Istanbul, Turkey – that’s a strange one.  Facebook fans of the Prius are most likely in the 18-24 age group whereas C-Max fans are in the 45-54 age group.

Does Facebook help to predict the future of the C-Max?  I don’t know yet, but I’ll continue to monitor the Facebook pages for the two vehicles.



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