The C-Max Energi We Ordered Was Built Today. Why We Won’t Buy It.

The C-Max Energi we ordered in August was built today.  I think the C-Max Energi is an impressive car.  I agree with numerous positive reviews.  I’ve spent a ton of time reading and writing about it.  I plan to continue to write about it.  We found another car that fulfills our current needs better though.  The dealer will get the C-Max Energi.  I’ll get my deposit back.  They’ll most likely sell the first C-Max Energi delivered to Utah over MSRP.  Here’s the car we got instead: states the predicted reliability is much better than average. The owner satisfaction is much better than average. The car has a ConsumerReports overall score of 78 in the small car category (only four cars were ranked higher).  It has a unique style.  My wife thinks it’s cute!  It’s easy to get in and out of. The back seat has ample leg-room for tall adults. It’s a hatchback with good cargo capacity when the rear seats are down.  It comes standard with navigation, backup camera, XM radio, Bluetooth and a USB port.  It has lots of electronic goodies.  The climate control can even be adjusted with an iPhone.  It has heated front, passenger and rear seats.  It gets well over 100 mpg.  It can be refueled at home. There are refueling stations located at Walgreens and all over the country that are free.  Owners report refueling for free 85% of the time at public refueling stations.  In Utah, driving in HOV lanes is free for a single occupant. In Salt Lake City, parking is free in metered parking spots.  The U.S. Government encourages it’s purchase with a big tax subsidy that can be obtained by anyone when they lease the vehicle.  What’s the catch?  It will only go 250% of the average distance a car is driven in a day (30 miles).  I can live with that.  It’s a Nissan Leaf SL, the perfect companion to my Toyota FJ Cruiser.  I now have a “garage hybrid” with fantastic off-road ability when I need it.  We drive the Leaf at least 70 percent of the time now.  The FJ Cruiser has been used for one 600-mile trip and to help move my daughter.  We seldom visit the gas station anymore.  There is less depreciation of our FJ.  We spend a lot less on gasoline.  We save so much on depreciation and gas that it more than covers the lease payments on the Leaf and electricity used.

Maybe we’ll reconsider the C-Max Energi in the future.  For now, I’ll just write about it.

C-Max Energi Rear Driver-Side View

The Ford C-Max Energi We Didn’t Buy


Nissan Leaf SL Rear View from Driver side

Nissan Leaf SL We Leased.



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5 thoughts on “The C-Max Energi We Ordered Was Built Today. Why We Won’t Buy It.

  1. So does this mean the end to your blog on the C-Max? I hope not because you have been an outstanding source for putting together information regarding the C-Max. Now since you no longer have a personal interest (no longer purchasing one – at this time) then your interest in writing about the car, I fear, will go away as well. I hope I am wrong, but in any case thank you for all the valuable information!

    • Michael, first thanks for the compliment on the blog. I will spend less time over the coming two weeks as we head into the holidays. However, my son and I are working on a new look for the blog. I have blogs partially written. I plan on continuing to write them. I enjoy reading about the C-Max, reading about other electrified vehicles and talking with my son about it, a wanna be mechanical engineer/materials scientist. I’ve also enjoyed the interaction I’ve had with others via the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. My biggest disappointment with regard to the blog is I wish I could have used my photography skills/equipment to supplement the content on Without a C-Max Energi, that just won’t be possible. It just isn’t possible to rent a C-Max Energi in Utah! Your compliment is a huge incentive for me to continue this blog. Again, thanks for the feedback.

  2. I agree with Michael!! I don’t know who was happier when I found your blog… or my Ford Salesman. I could finally quit bugging him for information…………I could read your blog to my heart’s content…………..and then bug you! You were an amazing resource for information to satisfy my hunger for knowledge about my new car. Thanks for everything.

  3. Thank you for providing this fantastic resource for information about the C-Max. It was with a little shock and disappointment that I read the headline. But reading the body of the post reaffirmed my opinion that you are unbiased and level-headed and have a talent for communicating. So, I remain thankful for the great resource this blog has been for me throughout my eager anticipation of the Energi I expect to receive this week. I hope the blog lives on, and in any case I am thankful for what it has given me.

  4. Adair and Thad, I appreciate the comments. I will continue CMaxChat. I hope I can encourage you and others to continue to contribute to it too. If you have ideas for articles or how to make it better, let me know.

    The Leaf just made sense for us. With all taxes and fees included, we paid $1999 at signing and $214 per month for 23 months on the two-year lease. If we want to buy the $38,000+ Leaf after two years, we pay $22,000 or just walk away. I just couldn’t justify the C-Max Energi’s cost when the Leaf met most of our interests for another car. Ignoring the finances, my wife really liked the Leaf too. The “Leaf-Toyota FJ hybrid” is fulfilling our needs well for now. Through the Leaf, I’m gaining a better understand of EV technology that is relevant to the C-Max Energi too.

    However, I couldn’t help but ask my wife, “I wonder where the C-Max Energi we ordered is now, is it on a train yet?” It’s a “difficult loss” for me.

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