$2.45 Gasoline Plus 93 Cents Electricity

I’ve had an epiphany.  It was staring at me all the time.  I need to combine my interest in electric vehicles with my love of nature, photography, and astronomy.  I have trips planned to Arches National Park, Great Basin National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and California Sea Arches/Lava Beds National Monument within the next 30 days.  I know.  I keep busy.  Yesterday, from my house in Highland I drove through American Fork Canyon past Timpanogos Cave National Monument, along the Alpine Loop Road, onto the Cascade Springs Scenic Drive, over the gravel road to Midway, and through Provo Canyon past Bridal Veil Falls back to my home.  The 56.7 mile round-trip cost $2.45 in gasoline (at $3.60 per gallon), 93 cents for electricity (out of the wall, assuming the charger is just 72% efficient).  For less than the cost of one gallon of gasoline I took a road trip that could easily fill a day of fun outdoor activities.

Cascade Springs Loop Trip Meter

Trip meter for alpine loop trip from my house.


I’m having fun with the C-Max Energi.  I need to stop blogging and get ready for the trip to Moab.  Here’s a few photos along the way.

C-Max Energi Alpine Loop

C-Max Energi on Alpine Loop Road


C-Max Energi Cascade Scenic Drive

C-Max Energi on Cascade Scenic Drive


C-Max Energi Midway Gravel Road

C-Max Energi on gravel road to Midway Utah

I Bought a C-MAX Energi

Our 2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Our 2013 Ford C-Max Energi

I bought a Ford C-Max Energi.  Finally.  As some readers of this site know, we ordered a C-Max Energi in August 2012.  It was delivered to the dealer at the beginning of January 2013, but we declined going ahead with the order and our deposit was refunded.  There were many reasons making now a good time to buy.

Inventory.  Since January, I’ve followed C-Max Energi dealer inventory.  The inventory has grown dramatically since the beginning of the year as the chart below illustrates.  The inventory according to Edmunds.com within 50 miles of the first 19 cities that Ford shipped the C-Max Energi to last year is depicted in the chart.  There is overlap between the 50-mile radius of these cities, but there are many markets with C-Max Energi inventory, like Utah and Nevada that are not included.  After the initial early adopter orders in 2012, the number of C-Max Energi vehicles sold each month in 2013 averaged 416 vehicles.  The highest month was March (494 sold) and the lowest February (334 sold).  July was about average at 433 sold.  Since inventory levels were high, I assumed dealers would offer substantial discounts off MSRP.  (The original 19 markets for EV Certified dealers are Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tucson, and Washinton D.C.)


Price.  Since February 12th, 2013, I’ve collected a variety of sales data from TrueCar and other sites for the C-Max Energi.  The chart below is for TrueCar, illustrating how the discount from MSRP has increased from $898 in Feburary to $2,657 in August.


Most dealers quoted invoice plus their dealer handling fee, typically just less than $400 in Utah, Nevada and Colorado.  This quoted price didn’t include Ford rebates.  The lowest price quoted was $200 less than invoice but that dealer didn’t have the option package and color that we wanted.

Incentives.  Three Ford incentives were available simultaneously to me in August: $1000 rebate, $1000 rebate for a conquest sale (we have a Nissan Leaf lease), and 0% interest for five years.

Ford Stockholder and X-Plan Pricing.  Last fall, I bought 300 shares of Ford stock (in hindsight I wish I would have bought more).  Earlier this year, I became aware of X-Plan pricing for anyone that held 100 or more shares of Ford stock for at least 6 months.  Since I qualified, I faxed the proof of stock ownership to Ford and received the PIN just a few days later.  We used the X-Plan pricing because it was about $200 less than the quote of invoice plus the dealer handling fee for an Energi with the color and options were wanted.  I had received comparable quotes on pricing without X-Plan at other dealers but my wife liked the Ice Storm Metallic exterior and I wanted the 302A package with the panoramic sunroof, there were only two vehicles in Colorado that matched and none in Utah or Nevada.  If you’re interested in X-Plan pricing, here’s the information and form.  It was possible to not use X-Plan pricing and get just as good pricing, but more flexibility on color and options was required, at least for me.

Tax Credits.  Finally, the Federal Tax Credit of $3751 and a Utah Tax Credit of $605 are still available.  [The IRS has now stated that the tax credit is $4007.  It was previously listed at $3751 and stated by Ford as $3750.]For more information on these credits, read my blog, “C-Max Energi Tax Credit.”

We have our new Ford C-Max Energi.  I can finally blog on it based on experience too.  I started my first test tonight.  I look forward to creating many more blogs with photos and videos.  However, I love the outdoors and have limited time to blog.  Hiking, backpacking and canyoneering are still top priorities for me.  I’ll blog on the C-Max Energi as time permits.

This blog was updated September 27, 2013.

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Ford Lowers C-Max MPG from 47 to 43 Combined

Ford is voluntarily changing its approach to measuring fuel economy labeling.  The EPA allowed the mpg to be reported the same for the Fusion and C-Max with only the Fusion being tested.  When the C-Max was tested, a decrease of the C-Max Hybrid mpg from 47 to 43 combined was documented.  According to Autonews.com, the new ratings for the C-Max will be 43 mpg combined, 45 city and 40 mpg highway.  The 2014 Ford C-Max, which will go on sale in December, is upgraded with new transmission gearing for a more efficient gear ratio and new hood seal, tire deflectors, A-pillar moldings, and lift gate deflectors to improve aerodynamics.  These changes for the 2014 model are in addition to the software changes already announced for 2013 C-Max Hybrids.    Ford hasn’t completed mpg testing yet for the 2014 C-Max Hybrid.  2013 C-Max Hybrid owners will get a goodwill payment check of $550.  Customers leasing a 2013 C-Max Hybrid will get a check for $325.  Owners with questions can contact Ford Customer Relationship Center via the web or phone at 800-392-3673.

Canadian owners will receive a check for $895 while customers leasing a C-Max Hybrid in Canada will get a check for $595.  Customers in Canada can contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center at 800-565-3673.

In the press release, Ford didn’t mention the C-Max Energi, whether it will get a MPG revision or if Energi owners will get a goodwill check too.  According to USA Today, the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi will still be rated at 44 city, 42 highway and 43 combined.

There also wasn’t any mention of the many lawsuits against Ford for mpg claims.  MPG claims for the C-Max were followed in these blogs, The Latest on The C-Max MPG StoryThe C-Max MPG Saga Continues, C-Max Hybrid Owner Starts Class-Action Suit Against Ford Over MPGFord C-Max Hybrid Lawsuit: C-Max Sold by Hyundai! Not Ford!Understanding The Ford C-Max and EPA MPGConsumerReports.org: “Why do Ford’s new hybrids ace the EPA fuel economy tests?”, and Owners Reporting Ford C-Max MPG Lower Than EPA Ratings.

First published Aug 16, 2013.  Updated Aug 17, 2013 with city and highway mpg published by Autonews.com and C-Max Energi mpg from USAToday.com.  Updated October 7, 2013 with Canadian owner information.

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