C-Max Hybrid December Sales Probably Flat in Comparison to November

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid and Energi Sales Probably Flat in December

Ford published a press release on the upcoming Fusion Energi.  Within the release, Ford said it would finish the best quarter ever for electrified vehicles sales.  Ford projects more than 19,000 electrified vehicle sales for the fourth quarter.  According to Autobloggreen, October and November electrified vehicle sales were 11,887 combined.  This means Ford is projecting sales of at least 7,113 for December 2012.  That compares with 7,157 electrified vehicles sold in November 2012.  Ford’s projection might be very conservative.  If it isn’t, when the January sales results are reported next week, Ford C-Max sales will be flat in comparison to November 2012.  I expect that C-Max Energi sales will be down and Hybrid sales will be up slightly to compensate.  The C-Max Energi has limited availability and holds have been placed on customer orders that should have been completed in December.  We’ll see next week if my projection is correct.

Update: The December 2012 C-Max Sales were down 11 percent.


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Holds Placed on Many Ford C-Max Energis Built in December

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Many customer-ordered Ford C-Max Energi PHEVs were built but then Ford stopped delivery

I’ve blogged about the scarcity of the Ford C-Max Energi.  I couldn’t find any C-Max Energi inventory at dealers on Christmas Eve.  This could in part be due to a large number of customer orders that are still being filled.  There is also the order of 2,000 from GE that is presently being filled.  There appears to be another reason for the scarcity.  There are reports that many of the customer ordered C-Max Energi vehicles built in December have had a hold placed on them by Ford.  It isn’t clear what the reason is for the hold.  It is clear there are many customers expecting to receive their Energi this year.  They are anxious to receive their Energi this year to receive the tax credit on their 2012 return.  It isn’t clear if these holds on the Ford C-Max Energi is a significant production problem for Ford.  It is clear that there are many frustrated early adopters of the C-Max Energi waiting for their order.

A log of interesting quotes on this matter follow:

nwick on December 21: “My car arrived by train four days ago in Denver and the dealer can’t pick it up and can’t tell me why Ford has placed a hold on it. … The sales manager claims that it is nationwide and Ford won’t tell him why.”  on December 25: “I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect Ford to tell me why my car is on hold.” on December 26: “I contacted some journalists who reviewed the Cmax energi and explained the situation.” on December 28: “I am about to lose it. After contacting Ford two days ago, I was told they would call me after “escalating the case” to a regional sales manager. I didn’t hear back. Called customer service today, was transferred to the voice mail of a supposed regional manager but not provided their phone number. Called back asking to speak to a live person, unwilling to continually wait. Spoke with a reasonable person, who said she would speak with the sales manager, who would call the ramp in Denver when it opened and find out more information and call me back. Waited with no call. Called back, was told the original CSA would call me back in 15 minutes. 16 minutes later, she callled back to tell me that there is a stop hold on the car, that it is awaiting inspection, and that Ford has no timetable for inspection and won’t disclose the reason for the stop hold. So, after days and multiple phone calls, I’m getting the same run around that I initially got from my dealer. So mad at Ford I could scream right now.” on December 28: “I just heard back from the regional sales manager who told me that she has no information to provide to me. She says she does not know what the hold is for or when it will be lifted. She said it could be two days or two months.”

DozerBob on December 22: “I think a whole new all hybrid line designed, built, shipped. but STOP! Don’t release them to the dealers order is worthy of an answer.” on December 25: “Another rumor I heard from a dealer was some sticker that is attached to the gas cap door was incorrectly placed on the C-Max Energi. Something about being able to run the engine on more Ethanol than the E85 we run in Calif. That sticker has to be heated to remove and someone from ford has to go around and remove them before the car can be released. I know this sounds really stupid but I swear I was told this from a salesman at a dealer. If some owner puts too much of an Ethanol blend into the tank and the motor takes a dump, Ford would be liable if the sticker was on the car. The car I purchased has two stickers on the Fuel door. One at the top, One in the middle, No sticker on the bottom third of the round shaped door. If you current owners would check your Fuel door and post a picture if your door has three stickers, one stating “more than 15% Ethanol is OK”, Please post it. That would verify this rumor.”

JohnF on December 22: “My Energi was built on Dec 3rd and has been on hold on the ramp in Detroit since then.  The dealer does not know why or when the car will ship.”  JohnF on December 24: “I am thinking of giving up on my Energi which has been weathering for 3 weeks in Detroit.”

mipmapped on December 22: “So, holds at both on and off ramps… I believe mine made it onto the train around Monday 17th and is currently working its way through Nevada. It was built on the 7th. The dealer just called with the update (different sales guy) and I asked him again about the hold. He said he’s had 5 or 6 Energies delivered lately without issues and still expects mine on schedule.” on December 25: “Mine was also built 12/7 but arrived by rail around 12/23. I’m expecting it at the dealer in Morgan Hill tomorrow or Thursday.” on December 26: “I just had confirmation that my Energi is also on hold.” on December 28: “I just spoke with my dealer. He has 4 customer order Energis at the dealership also on hold. He has calls into Ford but still has no more information. He says that the hold is a common practice to prevent a more costly recall or when a safety issue is a concern.”

CarolinaPHEV on December 22: “My Energi is also on hold!  It was due in this week, but is now sitting in a rail yard in Wiston Salem, NC.  I’ve gotten the same story about a total lack of information as to why this is, but they absolutely cannot get the car until Ford releases the hold.”

HeatherV on December 22: “Mine was built Dec 3rd and made it to LA by Dec 18th but is now stuck there. After calling the dealership the last few days they finally said it might be another week, that it is being held for inspection.”

mikeb on December 22: “hmm, my Energi was also built on Dec 3, but it arrived in Atlanta about a week ago and I took delivery on Tuesday. Whatever the hold is about, it seems to skip some vehicles but block others.”

Shorttack on December 22: “My dealer has been of no help.”

Theoriste on December 24: “Just tried to locate a C-max Energi for a lease yesterday, there are NONE to be found in New Jersey, and no idea when they’re arriving. So weird. If you search inventory in this region, the Energis are not available.”

Don on December 25: “Some of the other forums are saying the hold is a ‘quality check’ hold.”

Alex on December 25: “Have not heard anything about a hold. My Energi was on a train approx. 12/15. I went to Orlando and signed the papers on 12/20. Came home on 12/24.”

Idorie on December 25: “I have a California version – delivered last week from another dealer – my original order is on ship hold. The gas cap door has two stickers on it but not related to the e-15 issue — that is marked on the orange ring around the filler tube.”

pureenergi on December 25: “I’m in the same boat – my Energi is in California but is being held along with 4 other Energis at the offramp/railyard for what they’re calling an “emissions issue/check.”  It seems that certain Energis produced within a certain time frame are being issued a stop delivery order while a field service rep is dispatched to fix the issue. …It doesn’t seem to be a CA emissions issue only, as we have people from the East Coast with the same hold. …I ordered on 11/2, built on 12/7, arrived at the final rail stop on 12/18.” on December 26: “Contacted Ford this AM through their Sales feedback form online and asked for more clarity on what the issue is or why someone has not been dispatched promptly to solve it for my hold and the others held at the same location”

mremelman on December 26: “No new Energi in my driveway :sad: ..  Even though I ordered it on July 31, and put down the deposit, many folks who ordered after me have received their cars.  VERY disappointing.  I sure hope it shows up this week. ” on December 28: ” Well my dealer called yesterday.  He said that there is no Hold on the energi. My Energi has been delivered (with three others)!  Their shop is slammed with the end of year push to prep & sell vehicles, so the dealer add-ons are  not on yet.  So I can’t pick it up today (Friday) however, at 1:30 tomorrow (Saturday) I will take delivery of it.”


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C-Max Energi Scarce; Volt and Leaf Plentiful

2013 Ford C-Max Energi

There are very few 2013 Ford C-Max Energi PHEVs on dealer’s lots.

My son was considering buying or leasing a Nissan Leaf SL in California this week.  A California dealer quoted him close to $22,000 for the Leaf with sales tax, registration and fees included after the state $2,500 credit and federal $7,500 credit.  Alternatively, he could lease for three years with nothing down and pay $208 per month (including sales tax) after the state credit.  Who said the $38,000+ Nissan Leaf is expensive?  Not any more.  An article in Forbes last spring mentioned Serra Chevrolet as a unusual dealer selling about 25 Volts each month.  Guess what, on December 27th, 2012 they only had 83 left.  They don’t seem to be selling that well.  This is the best time of year to buy a car as I’ve noted earlier.  Too bad there aren’t any C-Max Energi’s available.  I couldn’t find any inventory on Christmas Eve.  Maybe you can find one as we approach New Year’s Eve.


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