Is the Ford C-Max a Truck?

As much as I like the Ford C-Max, I was quite surprised by the announcement yesterday by the NACTOY jury composed of fifty automotive journalists.  The Ford C-Max is one of three finalists as the 2013 Truck of the Year.  The winner will be announced on January 14th.  Did they really mean truck?  Yes they did.  I did a little research.  In 2011, the 2012 nominees were Honda CR-V, BMW X3, and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.  Are these really trucks?  The NACTOY changed the award category to Truck/Utility of the Year in early 2012.  OK.  Most of the news reports state truck, but it should be Truck/Utility.  I guess Ford should use the “Built Ford Tough” logo on the C-Max now.  With a tow hitch, maybe the C-Max can pull a semi out of the mud too.  Yeah.  Sure.


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