August 2014 Ford C-Max Sales Up 16% from 2013

Ford Motor Company said today that 3,501 C-Max Hybrid and Energi vehicles were sold in August 2014, up 16% from August 2013.  There was a month-over-month gain of 17% over the 2,994 sold in July.  Autoblog recently noted that Ford hybrid sales have held up quite well after the June goodwill payments were announced to compensate for the mpg change for its hybrid vehicles.

Complete data on U.S. Ford C-Max Hybrid, Energi, Toyota Prius V and Plug-in sales are followed in another blog but published later, because Ford doesn’t report the division between Hybrid and Energi sales until a later date.

Ford Lowers C-Max MPG Rating Again

According to CNBC, Ford will lower the fuel economy ratings on about 200,000 2013 and 2014 hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.  It includes the C-Max Hybrid and Energi.  Ford will make goodwill payments of $300 (leased) and $475 (purchased) for Hybrid owners and $475 (leased) and $775 (purchase) for Energi owners.  The Hybrid ratings drop from City/Highway/Combined of 45/40/43 to 42/37/40 MPG.  The Energi ratings drop from 43/100 (charge sustaining/charge depleting) to 38/88 MPGe.  Ford released a video with an explanation on YouTube.

Who Leads Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales in the U.S.? Nissan? Tesla? No, Ford

I’ve been surprised that the Ford C-Max Energi hasn’t sold better since it was introduced.  There have been many rough edges to the start up of plug-in vehicles for Ford.  However, it’s often overlooked that Ford is doing quite well as a competitor in the new electric vehicle market.  Ford has three plug-in vehicles today, the Fusion Energi, C-Max Energi and Focus Electric.  There are rumors that a Focus Energi will be introduced soon.  It is also expected Ford will introduce Energi drivetrains in other models during the coming years.  In the U.S., Ford was the top seller of plug-in vehicles last month of those releasing sales.  Tesla doesn’t release sales data on a monthly basis.  Tesla estimates cover a broad range and they may have sold more Model S sedans than Ford.  Autobloggreen estimates Tesla sales as 2300.  CleanTechnia estimates sales as 1267.  There were 1,425 Nissan Leafs sold, the top selling model.  Ford had combined sales of 1,460 for the three models, a 239% increase from 2013 when just 611 vehicles were sold for the three models in February.

I doubt if the average person even knows Ford sells plug-in vehicles.  In my opinion, the Energi drivetrain is the way Ford can exceed government CAFE standards.  Because of CAFE, I think Ford will introduce Energi drivetrains in many vehicles which can offset CAFE requirements for trucks through credit trading.  The North American truck market for Ford is 250% larger than the car market.  Because of CAFE trading, Ford should have a big incentive to sell Energi vehicles, such as the Fusion and C-Max too.  This is a good deal for those interested in the Ford C-Max Energi.  It wouldn’t surprise me if lease deals and rebates on the Fusion and C-Max Energi become very aggressive in the coming years.

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