2 thoughts on “Prius V, Liftback, and C-Max Steady State Chart

  1. I have done some Interstate highway testing on the my C-Max Energi and show similar results. I placed the EV mode in EV later (it will save your hybrid battery charge till later) drove 2 miles until the it kicked out of EV mode (It has to burn off some of the battery charge to prevent over charging from regen) stopped and turned the car off. Started it back up and accelerated to 60 mph, engaged ECO cruise and drove 50 miles just using the + and – on the cruise control, never getting over 65 mph and never less than 60 mph. It got 48 mpg. 62 degrees outside. The Energi is a little heavier that the C-Max Hybrid.
    I have 3000 miles on it and just finished the 3rd tank of gas and it calculates to 70 mpg (that’s mixed EV and ICE modes).

    • Interesting. That is a little better than the C-Max Hybrid. Wind and other factors could make the difference. Thanks for the information on your experience Roger.

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