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Ford Recalls Some C-Max Vehicles

According to an article by Reuters, some 2013 Ford C-Max vehicles contain seat backs that don’t comply with the National Highway Traffic Administration standards.  The frames have sub-standard welds and the vehicles are being recalled.  C-Max owners can check for the recall at the Ford Owner website.

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U.S. Ford C-Max Sales vs. Toyota Prius V & Plug-in Sales

This blog compares Ford C-Max sales with it’s closest competition, Toyota Prius V and Plug-in.  Ford compares the C-Max Hybrid and Energi most often with the Toyota Prius V and Prius Plug-in Hybrid.  The Prius is the most frequent trade-in for the C-Max.  The Toyota vehicles are the most similar drivetrain, technology, and passenger/cargo-type vehicles available to compare with the C-Max Hybrid and Energi. The data was obtained from autobloggreen.  The Ford C-Max Hybrid started shipping in late September and the C-Max Energi first shipped in late October 2012.





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March 2014 Ford C-Max Sales Up from February; Down from 2013

Ford Motor Company said today that 2,295 C-Max Hybrid and Energi vehicles were sold in March 2014, down 39% from March 2013.  There was a month-over-month gain of 24% over the 1,853 sold in February.  January 2014 was by far the lowest full-month for sales since the C-Max was introduced to the US market.  Sales have increased substantially since January.  Overall, Ford U.S. sales increased 3 percent from last year with Ford Fusion sales posting a record sales month of 32,963 cars, up 9 percent from last year’s record month.

Complete data on U.S. Ford C-Max Hybrid, Energi, Toyota Prius V and Plug-in sales are followed in another blog but published later, because Ford doesn’t report the division between Hybrid and Energi sales until a later date.

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